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I Don't Even Have A Clever Caption For This One

Found via my dear friend +Hillary Hartley. Lovin' The Hulk in this one.

#theavengers #comics
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muahahahahaha! how nerdy! and how funny! loved the movie by the way...aaaaawwwesome!!
If Hulk pulls as those cheeks I'm out of here.
That is just "too much sexy" in one picture! :d
i don't even know what to say...what if? lol
Hilarious. I've seen this theme before but this is the best execution of it yet BY FAR!
I'm hoping the Hulk wasn't aiming for women!
t'es super nathalie, hulk a un gros cul comme ses muscles
Natalie -- how did that happen? Older brothers? If not you are very strange -- not a criticism.
On the pic on the left, Black Widow would appear sexualized if you put her in any of the poses the rest of the Avengers are doing. They've all either got their chests pushed out, or are bent over.
they wouldn't may any money
Fake and gay... I really mean it! Who comes up with this stuff..? :c
The girl is the only one who's not making a sexy pose on the right one!
HAHAHA!! Just watched that last night. The males look so........ gay
lol i watch the movie and it was so funny because iron man was in it and i am the BLACK WIDOW
She may be a female, but notice that they only changed which side she's facing. Her pose is almost the same otherwise.
If Hulk and Thor were hot women, their original poses would be way more titillating than Black Widow's original pose.
Too sexy for my bumb......
Only Black Widow is allowed to do that!!
She's watching the rear... oh no wait, I'm watching hers :P j/k
Ken Liu
All together now...does my bum look big in this costume?
LOL!! Now that's funny stuff!!
Greg S
As I mentioned from the time I saw this before: CANNOT. UNSEE. HULKSE.
+Ken Liu All together now...No, vision makes your bum look big. Do you want your bum to not look big? Poke my eyes out.
heh... SEXIST!!!!!!!! .....but very funny.
Definitely would be less popular that way. Tell me that would not be bothersome to look at in a comic book page after page? Bunch of sissy boys with powers. LOL
"girl butts, they gave us girl butts! do these tights make me look fat?"
I like comics made in 2 movies. But i have not seen this one yet
To be fair, the male poses are definitely advertising their most attractive "male" assets. Like Biceps, triceps, chest, Hawkeyes crotch....
Just wondering how a pole dance pole for the hulk would be constructed. Stark would need some pretty strong antamegadium.
hey look its the green guy lol
This is a great way to ruin a good movie
well their not females...........i agree
Black Widow is already a female......Duhhh !!!
I wonder what Jose Quesada thinks? Somewhere Jack Kirby is probably wishing he could please his fans by putting his heroes into the new poses.
don't hate...just take a look at female pixs on any social site..that's exactly how women pose for pixs!
Ha ha ha that's pretty hilarious!
Pfft... should of just kept Black widow the same. She knows how to work it o3o Snap
ad eer
It's okay to be Takei.
JP Lang
"Yah baby, yah! For the camera!" (in a pseudo-Austin-Powers' voice)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww! thats not how we pose!
So now guys gotta be gay and girls are no longer sexy??????
NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
It's funny, but to be fair, I think that's just how women look & move. Not some sexy interpretation by the artist. Am I the only one? Women have curves - so what? Good.
i think that all evils,devils,dragons.. est will not run but accumulate to have a sexy look
Are they thinking does my butt look big in this
only something a dude would think of...... lolol
uhhh why do men discriminate and why are they so mean
It does show what women are becoming...and its sad...
LOL..........sad but true.....still funny
People just forgot that movies are only MOVIES! And all movies, being about whatever they are, they just a "fantasy", they appeal in every possible single way to our ideals... Well it is that my humble opinion😊😊😊!
hulk is hilarious. fight harder hulk
i get it!!!!!!! all the pics of females are of them showing their butts!!!!!!
Looks like somebody is assing for too much.
funnnnyyyyy i like it post more things like that and i will comment and like them
that is so insulting to me and otherr people in this worls
For the folks who say its just because the movie's target audience is male: 40% of the people who went to see the Avengers movie were women. That's a whole lot of box office revenue to ignore. 
Those buttcheeks gonna put someone's eye out.
Wow who thinks of this stuff!? Lol
wow kinda weird but really funny LOL :)
It just proves that it is hard to make guys look sexy, but women will look good no matter how ridiculous their pose.
So does that make Tasha butch?
the hulk looks like he's in
People that I know would state that they would look gay if they posed like the female. but I wouldn't I would say they look crazy lol!!!!!!!
Oh, this was supposef to be an insult from non-heterosexuals.
till be nice and cool....
just kidding hahaha
hahahahaha then baby would got some back!
I like my heroes with nice round butts! It's about time men!
Kemo Ab
It's Great Movie :) I sew it ..But ..:) I was alone ..for sadly ..:( hahah :) That's interesting movie :)
Yeah, and what if the female character was given an equal role to the plot? Both are never going to happen. Still funny though.
And then there's the whole costume thing. Body suits make sense. Bikinis, pasties, and other glued on articles do not. Imagine running around in nothing but a sarong...
lmao see 1 pic scarlet is posing the same way!!
Fail to comprehend male attraction. What? don't have enough abs in the screen already?
Hulk touching his butt is so wrong on so many level.
What are you trying to say? Ya guys have nice butts too or what?
So that's what's been missing from the comics all this time!! XD
LMAOOOO...or should I say it differently now?
I like the left side pic better
Translate's so ugly & so scary to.
looks like a saturday night in liverpool after the clubs are shut
Actually, I'd argue that the poses in the first are equally sexualized, given the difference in the visual cues/triggers for attractiveness of males and females.
jajajjajajajaja xDDD
no mms!
WAAAAA!! That is just ....wrong!! LOL
haha Captain America big butt!
ive said it once and i'll say it again. BOOOOTTTYYY!!!
priceless!! good point!  lol. 
funny.......haha........ :/
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