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One Of My Fav Books of 2012 Is Being Read During Hurricane Sandy
live right now

+Baratunde Thurston in the house! Everyone can benefit from How To Be Black. Click "View this event" to see the Hangout On Air.

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I could have written this book.
Once at the PX while standing in the checkout line, two older gentlemen looked at a magazine commented about a singer who had been living in Africa for a number of years, "Man he's pale!" and "I didn't realize he had green eyes."

Both said derisively.

It was all I could do to not yell,"What? He's not black enough for you?"  But yelling at strangers on post is generally a bad idea.
+Natalie Villalobos Great!  Engage with me concerning how the abandonment of neutral search, and unethical gathering of cookie data on Safari-users who had specifically stated that they didn't want it tracked, are consistent with google's previous high moral standard.
Greetings from India. I would like to read your book. Can you possibly send me a copy/ Thanks.
Heard an interview with him on +NPR that really sold me on the book.
So, I guess +Natalie Villalobos likes to engage around controversial conversations as long as she can feel like she is on the moral high-ground.  If the company she represents is acting unethically, she ain't touching it. 
I would have loved to attend, only I am in India. At 78, I am a voracious reader. Can a copy of the book be sent to me? Thanks
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