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What A Finished Terrarium Looks Like
make along with me today!

I've been building terrariums for the past few months and wanted to share some examples of what's around my house. Horray for  #MakerCamp  & #WeirdScienceWednesday  :)  Tune in to the +MAKE page at 2pm PST to go through the project with me.

Thanks to +Timothy Jordan for taking these mucho excellente photos.
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Very nice, +Natalie Villalobos! I recently built a caterpillar hotel for our backyard, and I may consider making a few of these for inside.
Very cool finished a light bulb terrarium and chose a succulent leaf cutting for its main [only] resident, though hopefully it should brighten up soon as I add more and its slowly grows
+Eloy Sanchez They tend to like diffused indirect sunlight. Too much heat and moisture in an enclosed case can actually burn them and rot the plant out. I like open air terrariums because they're easier to maintain.
+Natalie Villalobos its a tiny Echeveria leaf cutting and everything was dried before going into the terrarium since i knew it would rot under humid conditions. As for light, I actually find my Echeveria to get very leggy when light is diffused. "Direct" sunlight behind a screen with medium mesh seems to be working best since completely direct sun is out of the question with current Texas weather 
Ms. V, I always enjoy your posts, and I love level of comments one finds here on G+. I know I'm off-topic somewhat, but I felt compelled.
This is really cool! I'm curious about the care of it. Will the glas stay clean?
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