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Here's to the songs we sang when we pogo'd at the middle school dances. To those moments in college when we blew out our speakers singing at the top of our lungs when the sun was high. The Beastie Boys - who broke the color lines, are originators of the Hip Hop sound, and who will always make me get up to get down. RIP MCA!
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hmmm... I dislike this version... :-/

Rest in pease MCA... You will be missed...
Jon Dye
coldplay is not cool, and this feels extremely disrespectful to MCA.
+Allen St. John Given the solemn passing of MCA, I think this tribute is thoughtful. I think the thing I like most is that because it's a softer rendition, you get to hear the people singing - which feels really powerful.
I understand that and in no way mean any disrespect... but I just could not finish the song... so I didn't see/hear that part...
+Jon Dye Judging things on whether they are "cool" is ignorant - the only rating is whether you like it or not, anything else is sheep behaviour - and particularly so when talking about artists who moved music from the status quo ("cool") onto a different level. A tribute is a tribute, and say good for all the guys covering Beastie Boys songs in basements all over the place. Discuss < Do.
+Jon Dye What I love in times likes these is that musicians give respect to other musicians and honor their contributions to our lives and culture by offering up praise in the form of a tribute song. Coldplay lover or not, it's the motion to show respect that is to be acknowledged.
This actually brought the whole thing home for me this morning. Maybe it was the lack of coffee, but I actually started to mist up a bit while watching this tribute. I think that it is incredibly respectful and does wonders to show the breadth of Adam Yauch's influence.
Good on Coldplay for paying respect. MCA was a pioneer and positive influence in many ways. This world is just a little worse off without him.
This gave me goosebumps because it feels so sincere. + 1000 to what +Natalie Villalobos said RE giving props to other musicians regardless of genre.
+Natalie Villalobos agreed–many great memories and a very thoughtful tribute <3

On a personal note, I did have to 'fight for my right'... Licensed to Ill was the second LP in my collection (got it a few months after Raising Hell). I remember vividly the day after school when I found both of these albums broken and tossed in the waste bin. The 'rents tried in vain to take the Beasties out of my life, but that's what friends (and concerts) were for...and the fight was worth it!

Classy tribute, just goes to show how many other musicians were influenced by the Beastie Boys.
+Jon Dye - Just doesn't get it. I'm not a Coldplay fan in the least but these guys were giving props to one of the most important acts in the last 30 years that had just lost a key member.
Such a touching tribute. I'm not much of Coldplay fan either, but I love this.
Sad news. I will continue to fight for my right to party.
Awesome tribute in a Coldplay way. Paying respect. RIP MCA
So brilliant and beautiful. Everything Chris Martin sings pulls at my heart strings.
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