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People On The Roof of Moscone

Could we possibly top +Sergey Brin 's demo of +Project Glass ?

What do you think we're up to #io12?
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Lets see something cool "again"
Zombies... looks like a scene from a Zombie movie. 
Erich W
good luck apple topping googles keynotes
I think Larry Page's voicelessness is just an elaborate hoax... He will show up to introduce Nexus Telepathy, a device which can read your thoughts and say them out loud :D
Nothing could ever beat yesterday's presentation, +Natalie Villalobos .

I hope to goodness that I'm wrong; I want to eat my words today. :-)
Something involving jelly beans.

...Or fire. 
Waiting for Mr. Page's Tardis to show up? I think he had to go work on the time-space continuum and could arrive on the roof to put smiles on everyone's faces.
Gonna put something interesting on the roof for a satellite flyover to show up on Google Maps?
A telepathy device would make sense though, the main problem with voice commands to a device, is that you look like a giant dork talking to yourself :D
I'm waiting for Google contacts.
There's now a hovering helicopter, and the guys who parachuted down yesterday are on the roof!
If the Beatles show up, I'm going to be very impressed...
Is this from Season 1 of The Walking Dead? If you look really close, you can see Merle handcuffed to a rail in the background
I've seen the video, it was awesome! Great presentation.
Been there but not with that many people!
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