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What should our acceptance speech be?!
What Should We Say On Stage At The Webby's?
help the Google+ team craft a 5 word acceptance speech

We're so thankful to everyone who voted for us for the People's Voice award for Best Social Network at +The Webby Awards! Acceptance speeches at the Webbys are limited to only 5 words, and we'd love it if our speech was "written" by one of you all. We'll pick our favorite pithy, witty, creative suggestion from the comments before the awards show on May 21 in NYC, and make sure to thank our winner here. What do you think we should say onstage?

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Social is more than "friends".
Ed Ying
We +1 this. Thank you.
search-first social media site
You engage, you Hangout... thanks :).
"Not bad for a ghosttown"? Can we make "ghost town" one word for the purposes of this exercise?
your world is our circle
You can subtract me on facebook
bringing the world to you
...or suggestion #2: "When circles collide, worlds expand." ^_^
(edit) Thanks can be given at another time and/or by other means :P
Google+ anything, equals you.
Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you.
"This is a Shout Out to all my G+ ppl! All the rest of you have not circled me so GTFO!"
Google+ everything, equals you.
Socially Liberating the Facebook Prisoners
"Thinking outside the box, in a Circle."
Don't be square, go Circles
"g+ for intelligent people" or substitute intelligent for nonconformist
You really Plus One Us.
sort of a take off of the usual You really love us.
You can't just plus once.
Google+ everyone, equals you.
Google+ circling everyone every day.
Google plus everyone, equals you
haha or "Google plus you, equals anything."
Leave the 5 words on the screen and then sit down :)
Countless members are hugely thankful.
Facebook who? Thank you voters!
"We're Facebook for the friendless."
We apologize for all those who bought into the Facebook stock market offering and send our best wishes and support as they experience the viciousness of the sharkie short sellers.
I know this post is weeks old, but thinking about "when circles collide, worlds expand" ... I just thought of the inverse ("when worlds collide, circles expand") and it suddenly reeled a short film in my head about a Google+ story like those already out. Listening to Pandora's "Explosions in the Sky" sorta set the mood heheh

Just wanted to share that :)
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