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Super stoked to announce this! This is your feedback at work! Let's re-share this all over the place so lots of people will know about all of the great Google+ updates.

For those who can't watch - you can go to the new page here:
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Davey D
Same here. Sound is off :(
But I'm sure the updates are amazing as always!
That's really cool, but what about minor updates like the smarter + replies sorting? That's a great new feature that Google didn't announce.
Oh, sigh, I was slow on the delivery. :(
Nice I like the what's new page thanks for sharing, and now resharing...
Cool! Can we pretend the world isn't burning and that immersing ourselves in social media is going to make things better for our children?
JoPa Mi
lol @ 51 seconds long! There is a "whats new" in the help section. Thats about it.
So basically what is new is the What is new section. GREAT! :P
Too bad most of those are videos too haha
The support pages look great - thanks for the update!
lol +Nicolas Charbonnier you could always do that . then post on youtube , then upload to your plus profile . use camtasia or something similar . i use camtasia myself for alot of things .
Your face totally just took over my stream. Not complaining.
+Natalie Villalobos Mahalo! As this is public... hope you don't mind I shared it with my Twitter friends too. (all 90K+ followers LOL!) Sorry, I'm having fun taunting those who haven't come play here yet!
This is great! Thank you for listening.
Thanks, it's nice to see a "release log" if you will.

Out of curiousity, why do some posts in my stream show all the comments and some hide them? When you post, I see all the comments without having to expand them. J and K help but I'd like the option to collapse the post. Even better, have an expand/collapse button at the top and bottom of each comment thread. Thanks!
+Natalie Villalobos You guys should create a "person" for what's new in Google+ that we can add to our circles so the updates come in our streams. That said, I love that you guys are taking our suggestions seriously!
+Natalie Villalobos +mentions in comments don't seem to be notifying anymore. I've seen a bunch of other people having this problem, too.
+john hanson apps like camtasia are slow on my netbook. And it would be much better and easier for Google to automate the process. I want to stream and broadcast live discussions about any topic on my blog. When starting a hangout I should have the option to tick boxes _ record hangout and _ stream hangout, then everyone who joins will also tick the boxes _ Agree that this hangout is being recorded and _ Agree that this hangout is being live streamed. This way legal stuff is out of the way. Next step, Google has the higher quality from each user on their servers and they would directly mix those to the stream and recording. And yes, they should use YouTube Live to stream and upload the file to YouTube automatically after the hangout is over. Each hangout participant can have it automatically posted to their youtube account and if each user is a YouTube Partner, they would automatically get a share of advertising revenues based on how much they talked (revenue share could be decided by the person that starts the hangout).
That's a great step in the right direction. I often find myself, doing searches to see what is new, mostly finding them out from TechCrunch, Mashable, etc ... would be nice to get one directly from you guys. So Kudos. I also +1 +Shiva Empranthiri idea ...
Can't see it on the PT-BR version. And another important feedback for you guys, the PT-BR version of the Help Page is in PT-PT. Brazilian Portuguese is not Portuguese Portuguese (just like EN-US is not EN-GB). It would be great to see Google addressing these issues. ;)
Why isn't this a blog so that I can RSS and keep up with it? No one wants to refresh a bookmark all day.
JP Snow
I really like the way you announce new features on Google+!!!
Very creative :D
+Hector Martinez You beat me to it. Great suggestion. RSS feed would only encourage the use of another Google product :)
Exciting. I guess that means I don't need to rely on my Google+ Employees Circle for updates. :)
Perfect! Just what the community needs. Also, you have excellent presentation skillz, Natalie! :)
Cool Natalie ... though I vote for each new announcement being done in a different yoga pose ... that could be fun. See you soon, I hope. Will pass some days by.
Thank you, this is a very helpful service and will help a lot of people understand what is being worked on and how they should be using Google+ for the moment...
Really nice to see Google people interact. G+ has allowed a new and welcome Google to emerge.
Why do we all need to re-share this; why isn't this a permanent link on the G+ pages?
+Natalie Villalobos Thanks for the update and hard work you all are doing. Networking on Google+ has a much different feel. I still like Facebook but for different reasons. I think they both can co-exist. Only time will tell. :-)
It's kinda off that the "What's new" list doesn't include the "What's new" list...
Please allow us to record Hangouts...
Thanks for the new site, Natalie. Very handy.
Nice. Thanks +Natalie Villalobos and I am glad it opens in a separate tab instead of knocking me of the page I was on. It is the little things. But the new chronological posts instead of popularity isn't on there yet. Or is that not official? Seems to have worked most of the day.
Hey Mike Hatch, you have the reason. What's going on Google guys. Let me guest... Are you on vacations? Come on. Let's work to hard. And then, you can came to Mexico and drinks my delicious cold beers. Cheers.
+Natalie Villalobos very nice and needed feature of the site, still it seems to be missing info from updates in the last couple of days, for some reason..?
Everyone there is a discussion room as well just click the grinding gear in the top right of G+ then go to Google+help
Don't get me wrong, we do need a place to keep up with the very latest developments. I've been using a Google employees Circle, but all of their non-G+ stuff is going in there too. I really hope RSS isn't dying.
Any plans on transcribing this into the written word?
So far, there's no link to the What's new section in the german help center...
Yes +Natalie Villalobos, but then i have to know the link to the english site zo reach the german site ;-)
+David Bedno I'd love to see the Google Voice transcription underneath the youtube video. It could be good or it could be hilarious.
+Karsten Self I understand the desire for text but I like videos. It's more personal, it's a bit more fun for them (at least I hope so), and you can see some features if they include them. Linking to a text version would give everyone access.
This new page is great, but it would be even better if it had some kind of feed we can subscribe to. Something you're considering adding +Natalie Villalobos?
Shouldn't this type of information go into an official Google+ Blog, +Natalie Villalobos? Easier to find/easier to manage/easier to subscribe. Just my two cents.
nice update, but more impressive is your ring and how you are swinging it with your leg. :-)
Is it a pure diamond?
+Karsten Self You're right. I think google should have a little fun and let the transcription service have a go at it, but only after it's been posted to g+ or youtube. No cheating with editing or remaking the video.
Sorry if this is commented before but why isn't the addition of the Whats New page in the help center listed on the Whats New Page on the Help Center? ;-) #couldntResist
Natalie! Great video, and super awesome to see the what's new section! Thanks for keeping us informed! I really like how integrated all the Googlers are into the G+ community and that nobody takes advantage of that generosity in your comment section!
+Natalie Villalobos Slightly off topic on this comment but i noticed I cant comment on your two most recent posts and others seem to be having the same issue. was that meant to be?
Those news items need to be on the Welcome page, as well as on a blog and/or a profile that we can circle. Having to click click click just to see if maybe there's a news update (they do not seem to be frequent) is sure way to get ignored.
With the Hangout feature, it's not deaf friendly to use. The status bar located below the main window is much too small to see the hands of deaf individuals using sign language. So what we like to ask is whether or not Google can help recognize the need of deaf Gplusers to make the Hangout feature more deaf friendly? Bigger windows or something in similar features like in Skype? Hope you can help us address our needs and make G+ not only more friendly to the deaf community but fun as well. Thank you.
I really appreciate that you put this page up. It's nice to have this information not only avialable, but in one place. One suggestion:

I'd like to be able to share a link to a particular post on this page. For instance, I wanted to share the part from July 25 about business profiles with someone, but there's no (easy) way to link directly to that post or even to a bookmark for that place on the page.
Hi Natalie. Why the comments don't shows now collapsed? For who have slow connections trying to see a few post is too much hard now. Regards.
Can you please provide a way for us to get updates when changes are made to that page. rss, email something please. pretty dam ridiculous
Excellent, but please add an RSS feed to it :)
Is this get started option also Mobile Proof? Will this be integrated into the native mobile apps?
Power of Killer mobile apps is based on feedback and reviews.....;-)
Awesome! Any chance we could get a way to opt in to get a G+ notification when a new entry is added? Might make for less time wasted randomly checking it.
Yep, I agree with +Dan LoSasso, great idea but it would be good to have an RSS or Atom feed so we could put this in a reader to save time visiting the site.
I suggest releasing a text version of videos. Many of us would prefer it for faster skimming. 
My suggestion...provide an RSS feed for this update page. I'll never check this page much as I want to. I want to be told of updates...not have to go searching for updates. Thanks.
Wow... I didn't even hear what Natalie was saying... she's too hot... I lost focus!
awesome idea. +Natalie Villalobos or anyone else, does google+ have a way to search for content? I might just be missing the option of how to search for content that i have previously seen. I know i can search for people, but what about people and their content? thanks! for the info!
+Nicolas Charbonnier that sounds excessively complex. what if not everyone agrees to recording and streaming, what if some only agree to one, but not the other? who's responsibility is it to sort out the revenue shares "based on how much they talked"? i'm not saying they shouldn't allow recording and streaming of hangouts, but doing so opens a host of legal, copyright, and privacy issues that should be sorted out, particularly if the streaming and storing is done with 3rd party software.
how do you know if a profile (business/artist..) is official or fake?
That's great, but it would be even better if google actually had some updates to put on that page. I don't think I've seen any noticeable changes in the month I've been on here. If nothing else, I'd like to be able to edit the visibility of prior posts. Or quite frankly, I'd just like to see some kind of movement on this site. Even if it's just a token change to keep the momentum up.
Curious as to why +Brett van Zuiden 's recent update isn't up yet.. Pretty cool and definitely requested update to boot
can't believe you didn't add a share-link to your updates so that people might share them with the community ....??
The page is already out of date. Where's the Circles Rearrangement feature?