Wanted to recommend some folks that I find fascinating, and are continuously filling my stream with delicious posts. It would be a dream of mine to go on a road trip with all of them!

+Leodor Selenier - Arts advocate (I want a piece of art from every featured artist)
+Vanessa Schneider - Community Manager for Google Places (and is a Geo nerd)
+Scott Beale - The Big Squid at Laughingsquid.com
+Eric LAFFORGUE - Transports me to worlds I wish I knew personally
+Toby Stein - Guru for Google+, another Community Manager to kick it with
+Alida Brandenburg - A best friend of mine with thought-provoking posts
+Mark Frauenfelder - Editor-in-Chief of Make Magazine, Founder of BoingBoing.net
+Limor "Ladyada" Fried - Open source hardware maker and femmebot (see Wired)
+Muhammad Yunus - Nobel Peace Prize Winner and inspiring Google+ poster
+Lynette Young - Leading the effort to get more women on Google+
+Katherine Gramann - Community Manager for Hangouts - she's fab!
+Jennifer Bailey - Fantasy illustrator - her work is featured on her profile
+Sean Bonner and +Jonathan Lally for music recommendations and cat vids
+Kiki Sanford - The Dr. is in! The host of This Week in Science
+byron rempel - The overlord of Zombie creationism
+Elena Kalis - Underwater photog who makes me want to live in a pool
+Melissa Daniels and +Jacky Hayward - Your Google ladies of Chrome
+Beth Kanter - She connects the dots and knows the non-profit realms
+Brian Rose - Community Manager of Google+ Photos - posts #potd
+Jay Smooth - For all your hip-hop needs
+Scott jarvie - Makes me want to get married just so I can run around with a good photog
+Darya Pino - Hosts "Office Hours" so you can ask her all your food questions
+Michelle Marie - Google+ instigator and everyone's friend
+Thomas Hawk - Hosting the UC Berkeley Photowalk on Thursday!
+Mike Shaw - I want to live in his lens and jump out to meet the people he shoots
+Ahmed Zeeshan and +Ravi Lakhani - our Google+ philosophers
+Cliff Roth - Doing in-Hangout speed caricatures!
+Axel Kratel - Founder of plusforpeace.org and hosted a Hangout with +Guy Kawasaki this morning
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