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Wanted to recommend some folks that I find fascinating, and are continuously filling my stream with delicious posts. It would be a dream of mine to go on a road trip with all of them!

+Leodor Selenier - Arts advocate (I want a piece of art from every featured artist)
+Vanessa Schneider - Community Manager for Google Places (and is a Geo nerd)
+Scott Beale - The Big Squid at
+Eric LAFFORGUE - Transports me to worlds I wish I knew personally
+Toby Stein - Guru for Google+, another Community Manager to kick it with
+Alida Brandenburg - A best friend of mine with thought-provoking posts
+Mark Frauenfelder - Editor-in-Chief of Make Magazine, Founder of
+Limor "Ladyada" Fried - Open source hardware maker and femmebot (see Wired)
+Muhammad Yunus - Nobel Peace Prize Winner and inspiring Google+ poster
+Lynette Young - Leading the effort to get more women on Google+
+Katherine Gramann - Community Manager for Hangouts - she's fab!
+Jennifer Bailey - Fantasy illustrator - her work is featured on her profile
+Sean Bonner and +Jonathan Lally for music recommendations and cat vids
+Kiki Sanford - The Dr. is in! The host of This Week in Science
+byron rempel - The overlord of Zombie creationism
+Elena Kalis - Underwater photog who makes me want to live in a pool
+Melissa Daniels and +Jacky Hayward - Your Google ladies of Chrome
+Beth Kanter - She connects the dots and knows the non-profit realms
+Brian Rose - Community Manager of Google+ Photos - posts #potd
+Jay Smooth - For all your hip-hop needs
+Scott jarvie - Makes me want to get married just so I can run around with a good photog
+Darya Pino - Hosts "Office Hours" so you can ask her all your food questions
+Michelle Marie - Google+ instigator and everyone's friend
+Thomas Hawk - Hosting the UC Berkeley Photowalk on Thursday!
+Mike Shaw - I want to live in his lens and jump out to meet the people he shoots
+Ahmed Zeeshan and +Ravi Lakhani - our Google+ philosophers
+Cliff Roth - Doing in-Hangout speed caricatures!
+Axel Kratel - Founder of and hosted a Hangout with +Guy Kawasaki this morning
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We can document the whole thing on Google+. Use Google maps as our compass, Hangouts to get restaurant recommendations, post our pictures on Picasa....

Seriously though. No, really.
Love this. This should be a thing like #FF. Maybe +1 Sundays?
There is a #circlesundays but I'd rather let it happen naturally whenevs
Thanks, nice list, got a few new people added now.
+Alida, great idea. I'd be interested in following that project. Maybe you could ride in one of the Google self-driving cars while you post to Google+. #googleroadtrip
That's such a great list... I've had many of them circled since the early days...
Oh +Natalie Villalobos as each day grows I am adding more awesome people to my circles and it's keeping me coming back. Thanks and please post more of these. :)
Thanks for the recommends, +Natalie Villalobos . I've just hooked up with one Badass and one Nobel Peace Prize winner in under 15 seconds!
Yaa making the list would be so satisfying :) 
Some fresh guys in my circles and they aren't photographers. Great! Thanks. (:
Thank you for taking the time with those x-cellent recommendations, Natalie. Appreciate it gobs.
+Meki Cox lets get on a hangout together and we can then figure out what we can do together, you have a lot of enthusiasm. When your site goes live, I will gladly post it to my circles and many people will too. Don't worry, you are part of all this.
+Axel Kratel you bet! Can you do a hangout tomorrow night? What time frame are you on?
I'm working at my volunteer job at the animal shelter tonight - then finishing up adding content to the site - then making it live in the next 48 - so tomorrow would be Fabulous around 7 pm ish... If you can?
Wow! Thanks so much +Natalie Villalobos! I am honored to be on your list of recommendations :) Now, about this awesome road trip you speak of....
+Meki Cox what time zone are you in? Send me a private post, we'll figure out a time :)
Thank you for sharing this. G+ has provided me with the impetus to be a beacon of calm dialogue and peacemaking in everyday life.
Nat, you are a beautiful mind.
I guess you didn't include +Daria Musk or +Trey Ratcliff 'cause they've become kinda obvious and famous, like +Robert Scoble and +Tom Anderson , and you probablly mentioned them before.. But maybe a couple of people still missed them ;) I'd also add +Shira Lazar (one of the greatest web-based anchor women, which recently stated that g+ for her is intoxicating "like dating someone new") and +Lon Harris (terrific, funny, geek-a-holic comedian who cohosted with the aforementioned Shira a great web based show called "this week in youtube", back in 2009). Both active and posting publicly on g+, of course.
Thanks for the shout out, I'm outrageously not qualified to be in the company of all the other people you listed, but I would SOOOO be up for a road trip! <grin>
Yay more photographers! Thanks for the list!
I am flattered by being on this list, but I am just an ordinary guy, so thanks, and I am happy to be at the end of the list, takes a little of the pressure off. :) I will never turn down a road trip with +Natalie Villalobos and including +Michelle Marie would provide for endless laughter. Now I need to get to know the rest of you on this list, so as +Andreas Knüttel says, adding, adding, middle index getting sore, adding...
/faints dead away
/adds millions of suggestions
Oh man - thanks for the shout Natalie! 8)

I better stop posting links to the Honey Badger now... hahah!
Hey Natalie any futbol fans (soccer) that you recommend?
+Ivano Forgione Lol! What a crazy thought! :-) So kind of you to think of me! Love you and +Natalie Villalobos and everyone! I'm still without power and wifi so grabbing it where I can... But I'm excited to add these amazinG+ G+niuses to my circles. :-)
::hugs:: I LOVE YOU MAAN!! <said in my deep voice> :P
LOL Frank!! I swear I love that video more every time I see it 8)
And there goes the rest of my week as I explore these great recommendations... time well spent!
+Guy Kawasaki Oh you Guy (I'm guessing you get that a lot), of course you're fascinating! Was my understanding that these folks were the organizers, and for a community to organize a convening of the minds with a notable man like yourself is a pretty huge thing in my book. Wish I could have made it this morning. I've seen a couple signed copies of your book around the offices - definitely looking forward to picking one up myself. Did you end up doing a book reading?
+Guy, you're highly adored by the Google+ community :) 
+Guy Kawasaki glad to hear you are having more successful hangouts. They truly set G+ ahead of the field.
+Guy Kawasaki I was honored to be on your first hangout!! Glad it works for you now. +Natalie Villalobos thanks for kind words - I'm a horrible driver and mostly bike. When hangouts can be done on my mobile phone, I'll tape the phone to my bike helmet and bring you along for the ride ..
How do I get a job as a community manager?
I am humbled to have been included in the list. Thank you +Natalie Villalobos :)

Sooo up for the roadtrip. Hey, am I the youngest on the list??
thank you +Brian Spencer St. John! Can't wait for Friday when the first MotW poll closes to announce the first movie. I've got everything ready here for the movie-watching and movie-discussion hangouts :)
take a road trip to wisconsin! it's really boring here and we need some excitement. something is wrong with this place :(
Does anyone know who at Google decides which videos are featured on Google Maps when you check Videos in the Drop Down Box under Traffic?
I wonder if one could put a couple of cameras on a car and stream the output to a hangout while also tracking the position using google maps. Could the car be driven from a webpage?
Jon Dye
What is a Google+ philosopher? Does Google employ philosophers? because I am about to graduate with a degree in philosophy. . .

+Guy Kawasaki I am giving a talk on campus today at that time - but am open for tea on Friday. Anytime after 1:30 works for me :)
So, is there an eta for shared circles and hashtags yet? These lists are lovely, but it's like driving a car that can go 100mph at .05mph... I so want to go down the long tail of lesser-known brilliance...
I'm currently looking at a way google can be utilised to go on a massive road trip for free. Ideally, I'd like to do the world but presently, I'm planning a UK trip to work out how it can be made highly entertaining for the followers.

So far, my idea is to travel around and people suggest ideas or challenges in that area (people vote for the best using +1), I would also be using google+ to find people who are willing to feed and accom me in exchange for chores and jobs.

I know similar things have been done before using but I think that using google products such as maps, picassa, blogs and everything else, it has the potential to be a pretty crazy adventure.

the most challenging part is that I plan to leave my house with no money whatsoever and will be usuing the power of the internet to survive basically. That's why I'll be road testing my idea in the UK first before deciding if it's viable to try travelling the world through these means.

If any of you folks have ideas, please throw them down and lets see if we can make a worldwide journey using nothing but google as a means of survival.
So I've been recovering from Reading Festival for the last couple of days, wondering why my inactivity triggered hundreds of people to add me. And then I saw this.

We're going to need a tour bus.
I have a motorbike, can I do the road trip on that? Thank you +Natalie Villalobos overwhelmed to be mentioned with so many others here :)
That is a fantastic list
Jon Dye
If there's a road trip, come out to Texas! I'll show yall a good time in Denton.
+Ade, that sounds like so much fun! I wish I could be a part of your www social travel experiment! I would so totally do something like that if I had the time off from work and a family member who would take care of my son for a week or so. 
+b hiro google previously suspended my profile and when they brought it back "ladyada" was still in it, i never edited it after that because well, google left it that way.

but as of today i was asked to remove "ladyada" from my name field and did, someone probably reported it or something...
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