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Maybe it's just me & poor circle management, but I'm starting to get the same vibe here from G+ that I used to get from FB. (It's probably me. And I'm probably about to commit circle-suicide with this rant, but so be it.)

* I hate it when people just post a link or a video with no commentary. Tell me why I should care about it, don't just expect me to read everything you link merely because you posted it.
* I'm also seeing a lot of the same stories linked by lots of people as "news." Trust me, if it's on the front page of CNN or Google News, I've already seen it. And even if it's not there then I've probably already seen it from the OTHER people on G+.
* Further, most of these repeat stories have zero interest for me, even though they are coming from my circles. e.g., Meebo buyout? Who gives a rat's ass? Seriously, Meebo could NOT be more annoying on websites. Newest Apple product? Heard about it and what's more, don't care. (See also: anything that's "trending.")
* That reminds me: Drives me nuts when people have a personal interest in what's trending. Really??!? Why does anyone care??
* I don't know how I got into so many photography circles -- I'm not a photographer and I don't care about your 100th picture of a flower.
* I also don't care about pictures of your lunch/dinner. (Exception: +Dan Wilcox's chocolate posts!)
* If you only post self-serving links to your resume or your friend's charity which is begging for money, I immediately uncircle you. That goes double for people who haven't posted in 2 months and pop in just to try and sell something or network.

All of which begs the question: What do I like?
* Your own thoughtful commentary about the article or video you just linked.
* Funny doings.
* Anything that's a true outpouring of your own mind and heart. I don't mean journal posts or "what I did today" type posts. I mean, elucidate something about the human condition and share it with the rest of us so we can debate and like/understand it too.
* If you re-share, please say why you shared it. What spoke to you about that particular article/video/comment? (Be kind and attribute to the poster you shared from, if not the OP. Who knows, I might want to add them too.)
* Also: cats. =)

/curmudgeon off
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I couldn't agree more. Great post, Natalie. (Not sure this comment qualifies, though...)
I think you're being thoughtful and not being a curmudgeon.
I do half of the things you like and half of the things you dislike, so now I am frozen with indecision if you should uncircle me!
I always leave commentary on the stuff I post / share. But, it's very very rare that I'll post about cats, just not my bag. :)
You guys are awesomesauce!
+Jos Backus, no worries -- comments are fair game! I'm talking about original posts that I have to sift through in my stream.
+M Mallory, you are too kind. :)
+Jessica Cook, you are totally safe! It's the vacuous re-sharers that I'm targeting.
+David Bleecher, your posts are always interesting. No worries about the cats. ;)
Nice knowing you, Natalie!
Add People who post everything Public to the list. 
I totally agree. It's kinda leaving something to be desired that's for sure. I try to at least write something when I post a photo or video.
This rant is funny because your previous couple of posts are things I've seen a dozen times. It happens. I don't mind the occasional food picture, cat photo, or music video because that's part of who we are. But if that's all a person does, then I remove them from my circles.
I think the core issue is that many people just don't have that much to say that is interesting to others, unless those others are involved in their lives and vice versa. It's difficult to have a useful and unique perspective that will interest and draw the attention of random strangers.
Having not weaned myself from FB, G+ still has sort of a stepchild vibe to it.  I have friends here that have completely abandoned FB, so I drop in occasionally with whatever news I have (and yeah, a lot of it is from CNN)

I'd rather post that than a weekly "Hi, all!"
Engagement. That's why I came here in the first place.
Per the instructions in your About section, I have read your Curmudgeon Rant before circling you. Let me just say that even if I hadn't read your About section, I would have circled you just because of this post.
Ha! You, sir, are awesome and I thank you for your kind words, +John Ward! What circles shall I put you in?
I'm a wannabe writer, I like RPG stuff, video games, science fiction, fantasy, reading, comics and art.
So I'll just put you in everything. =) Thanks for saying howdy!
Woohoo! Everything! Pure, unfiltered content. I look forward to getting to know you better.
I actually circled you before reading this because you circled me and I didn't want to seem rude. I respect your opinion and all but I do have one question...
Does this mean if I post pictures of food and sweets, you'll un-circle me? D:  (I aim to own a cafe some day so pastries/sweets/coffee is something I love/am passionate about!)
LOL, no... No worries! I am getting at people who post all their meals, like Facebook, and have no other contribution to the world.
I like this rant. Different social media should be used for different things. 
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