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Natalia Tsymbalenko
#Azure, O365. API Management along the way
#Azure, O365. API Management along the way
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Big data is like teenage sex

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UX of leaking pipes
Pipes are leaking. How can we make users don't use the faucet? Here are 2 of many ways to stop users from using it: 1. Prevent water from coming from the faucet 2. Prevent users open the faucet Which one do you like better?

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#businessanalysis for beginners. Internal motivation and struggles of BAs
Have you ever wondered who are these people who do business Analysis and why are they doing it? I had the fortune to facilitate series of BA workshops where I got to ask questions to real-world BAs. At the first meetup I have asked what drives them to do an...

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I can't deny the truth any longer...#businessanalysis @CoggleIt
Last 10 years I have been working as a software developer/tech/team lead/PM. I have spent seems like an eternity working with different flavors of SharePoint. I liked that too. So, it's time to move on.... and uncover my passion in BA! I looooove business a...

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Hope to find 30 min today to watch it
Microservices by Martin Fowler

Если еще не читали статью Фаулера, но таки есть желание познакомиться с концепцией миркосервисов, то вот отличное видео.

25 минут, за это время Фаулер рассказывает об основных концепциях, понятиях и заблуждениях.

Ну и вообще, слушать этого товарища очень приятно. Больше всего мне в нем нравится его прагматизм! Никаких догм!

З.Ы. И совет напоследок: если приложение небольшое, не нужен scale out, то забейте на микросервисы и все:)

UPDATE: вот тоже самое, но в виде текста -

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#APIM Dashboard. Usage report: Blocked, Failed, Other calls
Azure API Management shows the API usage report with the categorization: Blocked; Failed; Other. Recently my client asks what are the criteria used for these categories. And here we are: Successful:  2XX  Blocked:  403 and 429  Failed: 5XX  The rest are cou...

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#AzureAPIMgmt '<'quota calls="x" renewal-period="seconds"'>'. Does this allow x call in total per product, or x call per API inside the product?
Azure API Usage Quota Policy  allows you define quota per product , per api , per method     The question that I have got from the client was the following: Quota
calls on the product level = x. Does this allow x call in total per product, or
x call per API...

#APIs A quick learning kit on Azure API Management @AzureApiMgmt 
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