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In an ancient Egyptian catacomb, a National Geographic explorer made an astonishing discovery—millions of puppy mummies.
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Thank so much for this Video to let we know
so.. Egyptian is not that fancy about cats
I can see a Brenden Fraser movie about this...
Sacrifices to the cat gods, I guess...or some secret dog god intervention to prevent the god dogs from usurping the cat god thing. IJS
The puppies were must likely sacrifices to the god Anubis, god of the dead. The Egyptians did things like that all the time. Mummification was not just for Egyptians who could afford it but for pets too. Egyptians would have mummified cats, dogs, monkeys, ect. in their tombs with them, they thought when they made it to the after life their pets would be there too. Some times the mummified animals were not pets but sacrifices to Anubis and Osiris for safe passage through the underworld.
Thank you for the Egyptian idolatry lesson +Rachel Smith . In all honesty, I didn't have a clue. That should keep someone busy over there opening  sarcophagus' attempting to identify their missing pet.  LOL
its my life its now or never I ain't gonna live for ever
mummy puppies? ..... cool.
What?????????? :/
Thanx Rachael I found what u said very interesting :)
I agree, but it's cool that they didn't just shove them in a shoe box and chuck em in the ground.
Woow it,s very interesting thus not only human that being mummified ,also the pet animals too??
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