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Live now: Watch our Google+ Hangout with aquanauts living at Aquarius, the world's only operational seafloor research habit. Don't forget to ask your question in the comments!
Don't miss this special Google+ Hangout event with Sylvia Earle and tune in to this week’s live conversation Monday, July 16th at 1:00pm ET (5:00pm UTC). To watch, join us on National Geographic's Goo...
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Can we start a non-profit, use kickstarter, or partner with universities to keep funding for Aquarius?  How long will the facility last without upkeep?
I am not seeing the hangout, where can I find it?
Hi Natgeo team! The Upwell team would love to join - how do we do it?
Ey, I think we need some patience here while they set up the hang out. Relax and enjoy (scuba diving talking :) )
Hi all, If you refresh your page, you can watch the Hangout live on-air.
Awesome idea!  I've been waiting for something like this for awhile.  Keep up the great job guys!
We've filled up all of our participant slots for this Hangout, but if you'd like to participate in a future hangout email community(at)ngs(dot)org. Thanks!
Do you think there can be more discoveries in our oceans?
Do you think one day we will have under sea city's ? 
The way the earth is going, there are only 3 ways the human population can continue:

1. We move to another planet and/or
2. Build floating cities and/or
3. Build under water cities

Did I miss anything?
There is 1 other option for survival of our species, but it's a rather unpleasant one.  We can force the eruption of a super-volcano and darken the skies with ash for a few centuries while mother earth repairs herself. 
Any way I could get in contact with Andrew from the hangout?
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