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National Geographic hung out with 14 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Anna Todovich, Shannon Cooper, Cecilia Mauricio, Krithi Karanth, Bob Ballard, Paula Kahumbu, JANE GOODALL, Michael Archer, Kyler Abernathy, Daniel Pett, Albert Lin, Aziz Abu Sarah, Katrin Schmidt, and Kenny Broad
National Geographic's 125th Anniversary Hangout
National Geographic and 14 others participated
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jom mew
what cams do you use
How do I get into this national geographic hangout
This is so incredible. watching from London
Pretty awesome to be so close to people that have had a lot of meaning in my life.
I just love it. Thank You National Geographic!!
This is like stalking some guys skyping..
This is a gift to all of us.....thank you for letting us be are all amazing......
Talk about most weirdest discoveries!(:
 I have dreamed of working for National Geographic and exploring the world since I was about six, I am fifteen now, when did you guys decide what you wanted to do with your life? And how did you go about reaching for your dreams?
why has all of the channels that used to show cool scientific and historic things now have stupid shows for ratings?
It's so exciting hearing from such a diverse range of awesome explorers. Outstanding stuff. Happy Birthday Nat Geo.
I was excited to read Jan's edition when I saw the cover! This will be good!
N Aviva
Cool, I've always wanted to be either an archaeologist or geologist! This is awesome!!!
A question for Ms. Goodall What is the most important step people can take in working to conserve chimpanzee habitat considering the changes in climate over the past few years. Thank you for everything you do. #NatGeo125  
Thank you all for doing this. Big (new) fan of Scott Parazynski!
Happy Birthday National Geographic! Thank you for opening our eyes for 125 years!
I cannot join either what is goin on? 
Tarek S
I didn't even realize this was on, this is awesome. Thank you, Google!
This has ruined television for me, its like actually sitting in on the discussions :
Amazing job to coordinate, all the time zones, all the busy schedules, etc. Well done!
Thanks Google for putting it on the homepage !
Have qustion 4 all explorers why is always 
"Pacific Ocean" vry dangerous 4 people nd 4 explorers 2 go down deeply.
I was able to watch for a min... Now Im getting 'unsupported video format'!?
This is amazing.  I'm ditching work for this... Totally worth it.
where can i sign up for being an explorer?!
Can I do this and study language at the same time?
this is brilliant .. thanks for getting this together..
Jane Goodall you are my all time favorite Hero.. You are the woman of the year and century
Dr. Goodall, I am a huge fan and have followed your work all my life. It's such an honor to be in this virtual room with you. I was wondering if you had heard about what was happening at the Cove in Taiji, Japan and if you would ever consider visiting the Cove to help shine the light on what is happening there? Kathy Moorehead, Santa Rosa, CA
Hi Jane, You probably don't remember me but a few years ago you were in Beijing and you spoke at this thing and I met you and I just want to say that you are such an inspiration. Thanks!
Lovely to hear the field stories from the National Geographic's explorers. Thank you! ( Hugs to Jane ) Q. How do we teach people to accept and let the indigenous animals live in human populated areas? e.g. Living in the suburbs, I'm delighted that not only squirrels but even raccoons and bats are roaming around in my backyard but I noticed  that most neighbors are annoyed by their presence...
Feel free to share your stories now at this hangout!
A QUESTION TO ALL EXPLORERS : Why do we not stop the war on drugs and fight to save natural habitats and our atmosphere. Banning harmful chemicals and bringing justice to people who damage the only thing is life, Nature. We should fight to keep the world evolving the way it should not how man wants... THANK YOU
I'd happily explore with any of you guys!
Since there are many new lands in Australia to discover, is it possible for a new species of animals to be discovered  #natgeo125  
where is the map option to know more abt the explorer in talk     help
I've always admired all of your beautiful nature shots and I wanted to be a National Geographics explorer when I was a kid because you explore all over the world and see all kinds of beautiful creatures.
The most difficult animal they worked with is probably human
Ms. Goodall, I was wondering what you think of the Chimp Nim and how he was treated?
So much of our challenge is in long held cultural beliefs... whether it be eastern beliefs as to medicine and fertility or western adage "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

How do you combat these beliefs to instill a sense of stewardship for environments and beasts that are actually hostile toward humans?
A question to all or any explorers: How do you talk to people who want to hurt the animals or environment that you are working to protect?
Question: How do you all use geography is your respected fields?
I've always loved animals and admired Jane Goodall's work with the apes. She's an inspiration to me. I don't know if there'll be time to show this on air, but you're doing a great job, Dr. Goodall.
Jason E
QUESTION: As an explorer, how do you balance your personal safety while pressing the boundaries of our world?
in Africa with the growing human population how are scientists and conservationists helping animals follow their old migration paths and also helping them rebuild their numbers?
I am doing a book report on geography, how important is geography in your fields of research?
What was the largest creature you have ever encountered deep in the depths of the ocean that took you also by suprise?
what do you guys think about zoos?
Nat Geo, thank you for this great opportunity!
So happy for stumbling upon this.  Thank you for sharing.
Wouldn't be watching this without social media ;).
We all really enjoying this hangout on air - this is really interessting approach! Hope there are more to come!
Bob what was the feeling like when you saw the fist parts of titanic on your monitors? And is it true you only had days left after finding the subs for the us navy?
What has been your most profound and life changing experience exploring?
Shit I just arrived and missed a important part of the hangout, how much time does it remain ?
how can we reduce the green house effect on the planet earth as an individual..??
what else are you trying to bring back ?
Saw a little of it--really incredible to see so many positive, passionate, and intelligent souls of the earth!
3000 reindeer are to be killed in Antarctica 'cause they're harmful to environment. Stop this brutality & cruelty. Those reindeer can be captured & brought alive from Antarctica
ROBERT AND MIKE: Are we not going against nature by bringing the extinct animals back to life?
Jane, What is your opinion on Zoos?
you guys should do this more often. what a great idea. a fireside chat with some of the more enlightened minds in the country.
Thank you for hosting this forum. Its interesting to hear the experts discussing exploration!
Megan G
Big achievement: 150 yrs,
Congrats guys!!!
Any plans to explore the Stratosphere or even Space as aerospace technology becomes more affordable?
Awesome to see such a great dialogue. Great way of connecting science directly to people. Bob, I'm remembering the JASON project circa early 1990's...telepresence has come a long way.
1st One has to discern why they are doing so - what is their intent? If they don't have enough then offer service. If they are taking just for the sake of more we have to explain that resources are for "all" and that they have enough. We are in 2013 not 1496. This Planet Earth(ship) belongs to every person walking the planet and it is rude to think other wise. As well the animals, they have rights to Life just as we do. It's sad to think the Ego is so BIG that we have become "takers" when we have the choice to be "givers". I found a very good topic today on NPR  & APM with Krista Tippett interview with Joan Halifax it was very good and explains some human behavior. Still learning...! I didn't read any of the other comments just added my own 2 cents worth. Good day!
My nine-year-old son and I are watching and learning. Thanks so much for offering Tanner this experience. As a young researcher, this is an incredible event for him to take part.
Is there any poaching/governmental issues in any of the areas of exploring, that is a big concern to anyone of you?
How can people without the formal education get involved?
how does one become a phtographer for National Geographic ?
this is the most exciting conversation I've been into from long time ago...
Im going to school for photography to then apply and try to be a part of national geogrphic, it ben a dream my whole life, and the rest of my life the goal is to be a part in some way, its awsome to see how it works
 #NatGeo125 A question for all the explorers:Throughout all your explorations, what was the most breathtaking experience, view, or event of pure nature you've experienced? Please explain in great detail. Thank you very much!
how many of you are there?
#natgeo125  I would like to know what do you think makes us explore. why do we have this feeling to know more about the planet we live in?
Excellent production today. The quality is perfect!
what is the best thing you have discovered
How often do you do these live telecasts on the internet - like you are doing right now ?     Fascinating and enjoyable.   Thanks for doing this as I have always enjoyed National Geographic 
thanks for this,LIVE,all the different time zones
Scientist's bring the world together reducing conflict. Great idea National Geographic!
As an educator, I'd love to hear how your education has informed and helped your life as an explorer. Thanks! #natgeo125
+National Geographic  #natgeo125  For any of your explorers: We all "can't do it all", what area(s) would you most like to see others taking your own research and building upon it? 
The discussion on how we "feed" off each other for inspiration is a vital one to have in our schools. Collaboration is key in learning; as is transparency. Thanks so much for articulating and showing the importance of this in research.
Can anyone explain why if dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years then how is there cave drawings of natives fighting them and also carvings of dinosaurs, whats the explanation ? 
Please help me! Where do I start if I, not only want to be an archeologist, but if I want to be an explorer? I know the chances of breakthrough are little, and I feel like this is the most incredible life adventure people can have! #natgeo125  
that was awesome, Jane! thanks to all!
The best Good Bye ever, Jane Goodall :-)
This was a one of the amazing experiance to listen to all the great explorers under one roof & at one time. Waiting for the next NatGeo hangout in Feb
Very Inspiring!! Blocked my calendar for next Edition in Feb
Thanks to all for joining us and asking your great questions. Don't forget to tune in for our next Hangout here on Google+.
A most amazing :90 minutes - thank you ALL! And congratulations to Google + and Nat Geo for the first braodcast from all 7 continents!
i thought anyone who said they would be there could join! Not PRIVATE!!
It's says I went but I completely forgot
모두모두 좋은친구 되기를~♥
That was really interesting Hangout. Will be watching the next one in February too. Wished +National Geographic linked their YouTube channel to this page.
That was awesome.  And kudos to Jane Goodall... u look great!
good to see some great explorers using google plus and thanks for sharing 
NG is so wonderful. Happy anniversary to you all:)
Hi +Nick Stets you have the options. Click on the automatic captions option at the bottom of the video player and then choose the language you want the transcript in. 
H.G. B.
_Thumbs up for the part about the true essence of explorers. Nice hangout. 
Sorry I missed it. If there's a link to the hangout on air, I'd love to watch!
All the explorers are an inspiration. More great years to come for NG:)
It is really interesting can I send my work to u also ?
VERRRY cool - I hope I'll know about and join the next one!
Sm Lk
Very beutiful

Sm Lk
I like national geografi is very best
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