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Every fall, locals in northeastern India kill hundreds of thousands of Amur falcons as the birds journey south to their wintering grounds, conservationists say.
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Why in the heck is this happening and why isnt anyone stopping them??

Show them Alfred Hitchcocks movie "the Birds"
Meanwhile in the west, people continue to kill billions of cows, pigs and chickens annually....
Please someone do something for these creatures of God ... not kill more please.
So do they eat the birds? Or do they use the feathers for something?
I am not a vegetarian by any means, but we should be able to find a way to cause as little pain as possible when we are hunting / processing out meat. I have been taught since my youth that you do not treat animals this way & I was raised in a family of hunters. This way of hunting is cruel & needs to be stopped. The government in India needs to implement a more humane way of hunting these birds.  
Fair enough! I just wanted to point out that there is more than meets the eye with them!
oh   is same like  need some help
It's food. Food is food is food. This is a godsend(non-religiously) for these poor people, they have to supplement their diet.
That's so sad. Is there a petition against it or anything we over here in America can do to stop it?
Interesting that it's called a massacre when the birds are used for human sustanence. Why isn't it called a massacre here in America when cows, chicken and fish are used for human consumption? 
Wendy Lewis and Karen Lewis, they eat the birds. The birds are part of their diet.
I don't know if any of you have considered this, but most of you who are judging these people harshly, probably eat animal on a regular basis. I bet most of the people that are hunting these birds are probably living in poverty. This is a country where the animals are more valued in a spiritual sense than the human population. 
My family hunts but not for rare animals and we take into consideration that if you hunt all of them, there will be no more left to hunt!!
Sergio Pabon, I do agree the government should probably have controlled farming and hunting of these birds. Otherwise they will become extinct and result in a loss of food supply for the people. That really wasn't my argument. We just might want to give these people a little bit of slack though. Millions of people here in America buy chicken eggs from farms of horribly conditioned caged chickens. Why do most people buy these eggs as opposed to free roaming eggs? Because they are substantially cheaper. 
Good thing those falcons aren't rare lol wonder how they taste
Wait!...I know just kill the people to save the birds...not like humanity can't afford the loss 
humans are nt endangered species eithr.....we shud probably start eating othr ppl.... just like cows and pigs in US...
Sounds like ur ready to be a zombie in the apocalypse 
Sempre que hai un comprador, hai un vendedor.Qué cruel!
I did not know this. We killed all the passenger pigeons here though. Why falcons? They eat rodents!
I Think they come for foods in india.
So very sad, if they knew that these birds are a part of the balance and equilibrium of mother nature; they might halt their barbaric pratices.
q crueles y viles personas sin corazon 
thunder ! thunder! thundercats! oOOO!
Does anyone posting these comments here know what living conditions are like in rural India? Nagaland is one of the most backward parts of India. These people are not killing the birds to live a luxurious life. they're killing them simply to survive . It is unfortunate and horrible, yes. But it is a necessary evil until things change drastically in Nagaland. I am ready to bet that the birds are big source of food for the people and also a big portion of the very small income that they make.
The way to change barbaric ways is through education; history have shown us that we can adopt a better way of getting our food. I guess certain individuals also agree that Dolphins should be consumed.
+Rodrigo Balthar I guess you think that one of the Biggest nature magazine in the world is writing this story just for the purpose of just writing a story; no  It's for the purpose of stopping this practice by informing people of this slaughter.  If you read the article, it mentions that their government have sworn to put an end to it. That tells me that they disagree with the ritual and most of us agree with that.
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