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argh. new gmail UI == new reader UI === horrendous, large, lacking information density. :(

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glad to have this capability from reader now. but srsly?! i have to create this send-to stuff myself and the UX is all, blah, and whatever. come on google, pick. it. up.

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Really clever commercial! Tug-starting the hand-mixer is awesome :)
Unfortunately it does less to make me feel good about plug-in electric cars than it does to remind about how much we waste electricity and how every one of these little appliances is actually generating exhaust... somewhere else, at the power-plant.

"Welcome to the Android SDK!
The Android SDK archive initially contains only the basic SDK tools. It does
not contain an Android platform or any third-party libraries. In fact, it
doesn't even have all the tools you need to develop an application."

srsly? this is your opening line for me?

could somebody in android developer relations please take a moment to contrast your confusing and difficult-to-install/-configure (aka p.o.s.) toolchain to xcode. every 6mo i update my android dev config and i always fight with the slow-as-paste eclipse updating, ADT updating or being misconfigured, and yet-another platform. heaven forbid you bundle any common hardware configs with your device simulator, because i love configuring my own random ram and screen resolution settings that may not match any device in the real world. it feels like developing for wince, rim, and palm circa 1999. and that's not a compliment.

don't get me started about the divergent marketplaces, configuring your account for payout and the joyous variety of devices and platform versions in the wild which make testing so fun.

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very interesting data in this article, no interesting conclusions from it.

1. this quote is bizarre "Then Flurry compared the inventory available on mobile apps with the net ad spending on display ads in the U.S. online web market. That amount is just over $12 billion per year. Assuming that the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) is $2.50". wow, that's a very wrong number.

2. stupid for flurry to not break down this inventory US vs. world or first-world vs. second-world, as a lot of the hockey-stick in this curve is inventory which will never sell.

3. despite 2, my reaction/conclusion is that mobile has created an inventory/PV glut even faster than the desktop web did, it will grow the size of that glut even faster, and that supply/demand mismatch (ad spends will not grow with that curve) suggests that vanilla ad CPM will plummet to infinitesimally low levels while at the same time creating a flight to quality among advertisers. so who is going to be there curating quality inventory among the huge glut of crap? i do think there is a role for targeting/technology/optimization here, but increasingly i think that an approach like iAd done properly (with great underlying targeting/optimization technology, which iAd does not have) is actually going to take the cream $'s from the frothy crap of inventory.

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To anybody among my old crew who worked on the mighty Microsoft Publisher... sorry to hear that Quark has passed -- it was a cool product that we admired.

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Congrats to bobmu on a cool landing, the cat's finally out of the bag! Absolutely the most challenging and excellent person I ever worked for & with at Microsoft.
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