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My god!!!!!! My heart!!?
Maybe that's not true. Perhaps emotion is a prerequisite of self awareness, though some insect colonies reject that theory...
wow. i'm scare. God is designer good for sporadic human but human is not for himself.
نسرين جون باروغن خشك كار ميكنه بخاطر اون زود خراب ميشه گريس بزن
Human design telephone network, human design computer, computer become connected in big network, network look like big brain. You decide what's going to happen. The obvious, or the profoundly impossible, that nothing will happen. We know that DNA and chains or complex networks became aware of themselves in some manner, emotions are the lynch pins of behavior as reinforcement, a survival mechanism. Networks by their very nature become self referencing, which has been show to be the root of self awareness. Reference work on the Blue/Red machine. A machine built around two Cray supper computers that became affraid of the colour Red, and drawn to the colour Red through massive self referencing networks and feed back mechanisms. Much like the human brain one might ponder. Nuff said....
در عصر پولاد و پول و مهربانی های بی بنیان حتما قلبهایمان هم با چرخ دنده های فرسوده روزگار میگذراند
روغن کاریش نکن قلبی که فلزی است بهتر که درگیر خود باشد
كامران خرجش پاي خودته ها گيرپاچ ميكنه
ok. assent. human is trancscendent creature God.
يه عكس گذاشتي به دو زبان برات نظر دادن. مشخصه كه برا خيليها جالب بوده.باريكلا
+Kazem Jafari Fun indeed, the joy of living is the unseen and the unknown, and learning a part of that massive mister :)
Or God is man, and man is God. God need not be what we perceive through age old texts. maybe God really is in the details, personally I think God finds it funny that I reject him and chose some other path, maybe God made that path :)
No one knows. That is the real beauty of it all....
کاش قلبمون فقط محتاج روغن کاری میشد
What do you lubricate them with, I find beer works well :)
beer!!!!!!! beer in eslam is ill-gotten
no need to lubricate for moslims
I wish that I had a heart like this so that I get no pain.
این روزها همه قلب آهنی دارن
Barry Robinson : however human is trancscendent creature God, but unable is for programming future and unable for creature life. evident is that God able is for creature and programming all life and ...
Why can't man program life, ever heard of "The boot strap theory." The idea that emergent properties in networks will eventually proximate, if not actually create behavior. Check out some science journals. It's not just a possibility. Chaos and network theories state that it's almost inevitable.
This is my heart,,, and you are the oil for me