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This incredible collection of food carvings, created by UK based artist Ilian Iliev, features an impressive display of delectable art. Ilian is a food photographer from Manchester who’s spent over 10 years mastering the art of food and drink. Iliev’s creative displays are demonstrated though original carvings on various fruits and vegetables. It isn’t just about carving, but also artistic eye to catch those beautiful still images. Take a look and you will certainly enjoy the incredible food carving skills and talents through these images. []
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Ja mislim da je pravo čudo šta sve vešte ruke mogu da naprave. Ovo je izvanredno, mnogo mi se dopada. Bravo !
they are so pretty!! how long do you think it took him to do each carving?
عزیزم همیشه خوب هستی
Beautiful imaginative and creative :)
now thats making art with your food
In this case a rose is not a rose my any other name!
I wouldn't wanna eat them .. They're Pretty :D
Surprisingly, on our planet they are people dying of hunger and others are playing with fruit
Delicious! And healthy too!
Trying to figure out how that whole design got carved into that apple without it turning brown...hmmmmm
that is so tight!!!!! how did you do that?!?!
can u show me more anyway good morning to u
Very nice...where is ta real photographerr!! tese are picturz f vegtble carvngz.
Very nice..but...where is ta real photographerr!! tese are picturz f vegtble carvngz.
I wouldnt have the patience for this...its really cool
This kind of art is quite common in Vietnam. I agree it is stunning.
ovo je fantastično po prvi put vidim ovu vrstu umetnosti
Predivno!Koliko li je samo truda i vremena bilo potrebno da se ovlada ovom vestinom?
"Artistic eye" that looks through the viewfinder of Canon EOS D5 Mark II, in a good studio lighting ... Required skills (and equipment) to display skills.
Divno. Veličanstveno. Šteta što nije trajno delo, ali mu ipak ne umanjuje vrednost. Moje poštovanje i čestitke!
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