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Eat, laugh, smile a lot
Eat, laugh, smile a lot
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LOOK BACK : 2016
IT'S THE END OF 2016 SOOO I THINK I SHOULD POST MY 2016 SUMMARY Here they are: My 2016 top 10 songs (based on my Spotify playlist) : My Instagram top 9 posts (based on best nine site whatev it is): My most visited places in 2016 (based on how frequent I am ...

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I hit my lowest point of my life
Udah lama ya aku gak update di sini lagi. Sebenarnya udah nyiapin satu artikel yang harusnya udah bisa di post tapi entah kenapa mood aku lagi enggak sejalan sama judul post itu. Well, I leave that post for a while.  Di sini aku mau cerita tentang idk.. how...

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One Fine Thursday.
Hello again, fella! It's been a looooong time I haven't updated my blog. Heh. Sounds cliche, isn't it? Because I was so busy about two months ago but finally thanks to Allah, now I have a looooot of free time. So, I wish I could update more on my blog. Oh, ...

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a note for self.
When you try your best, but you don't succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse And the tears come streaming down your face Hai. Udah lama ya gak nulis di sini. Sorry. Been busy in...

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Kaleidoscope & 2016 Goals
Okay, since it's new year's eve and everyone be like... last post in 2015, last lunch in 2015 , and so many last-blabla in 2015. Well, I think in this last day of 2015, I'll write about what happened in this past one year. Oh by the way, I write about my re...

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Coretan di Jumat Siang
Hi, pitches! I'm back. It's been long time gue gak nulis di sini. Entahlah, beberapa waktu terakhir ini gue lagi engga mood aja buat nulis-nulis hehe. Lama banget, yah? Lebih dari 2 bulan ada kali yah. Ah, pasti gak ada yang kangen juga sih gue jarang nulis...

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Ay Vamos!
Hai. Setelah 4 bulan gue enggak nulis disini, rasanya kangen. Iya, gue kangen mantan blog gue. Engga ih, gue enggak kangen mantan, kok. 4 bulan terakhir ini emang sibuk banget buat gue. Tugas lah, ulangan lah, gatau deh sampai kapan cobaan yang gue dapet be...

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