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Narayani Karthik
Words would never be enough to describe a life.....
Words would never be enough to describe a life.....
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I hate to admit that I was a big time movie buff while I was in school. And, I love to confess now, that I still am! Let’s say, while I was growing, I was far more interested in figuring out the question – How on earth did Craig Schwartz (John Cusack)…

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Have moved to WordPress. Check the new blog address :)

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Moved to Wordpress
Ok people! I had to mention it here too, that I have taken a diversion in the journey of my blogging and have shifted to WordPress. I miss blogger and I miss the easy friendly ways of blogger. However, it was time for some up-gradation from my end. I now bl...

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I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom and, am proud of being one! :D 

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I am a SAHM, by choice!
I have a complicated relationship with social networking.
Especially now  that I am not really
‘working’ working. (Does being a home maker qualify as ‘working’ ;)). Blogs and
books keep me good company most of the days (as am enjoying an uncertainly
brief t...

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A beautiful thought!

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A wordless post
Humility - The key to exist in reality

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Dilemmas are troublesome. Won't you agree? 

Caution: Rant post ahead!

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The troublesome dilemma..
One of the things I detest in life absolutely is, a dilemma
of any kind! The ‘Ifs’, ‘Buts’, ‘Or’, ‘maybe/maybe not’that
cloak such vague predicaments (simple ones too), drive me crazy and, to no
ends! Just when I am on the verge of deciding something import...

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Some randomness, weirdness and quirkiness!
I am a pain when I have to shop alone! Because, I appear
confusing to a lot of people I meet, especially vendors and shopkeepers. For instance, many shopkeepers get
intimidated by me, when I ask them to show me stuff (all of it most of the times) and I pick...
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