National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide

This is SUPER fantastic.

I've been playing around with, and rediscovering my photographic eye. I haven't been into photography since pre-digital, and LOVE the digital format.

(Yes, there is something missed in the tactile process, but that's a different discussion)

Comparatively the entry costs are comprable. I don't need a dark room, but I do need a computer and developing programs. I don't need film, but I do need memory cards and batteries.

However the cost per image, is dramatically reduced so it affords allot more time to Trial-and-Error. I can try out so many more exposures and settings without eating up hundreds of dollars on waisted images.

No I have access to video, and with both in one camera I can create some great video with depth of field, and other nifty details that I could not do with a standard video camera.

Now all I want is two more cameras to capture a busy environment with images, video and stills all at the same time.


But the thing that I've wanted more then anything else recently is a very simple field guide. Well, as I was pursuing the National Geographic website I found it.

The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography
(National Geographic Photography Basics)

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