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Napalm Dragon
Creative Self Exploration with Mutual Respect of Personal Boundaries
Creative Self Exploration with Mutual Respect of Personal Boundaries

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Burn BC is Dead
Burning Man's Decommodification LLC kills Burn BC

Long story short.
I tried repeatedly to settle with them. They changed what we agreed to each time, and never provided my one request.

- A list of marks they own.

After we let it go, they threatens me with a Gag Order.
That I and Burn BC, or anyone who associates with us would...

- Never say anything disparaging.
- Never associate with or speak to Burners.
- Have to get written permission to file any future trademarks.
- Would never talk about this or assist anyone regarding this.
- Give them our websites
- admit they own these marks in Canada.
- turn over rights to my artwork.

I kindly told them to go fuck themselves....

So when I refused to sign away my rights, they killed Burn BC by preventing Burn BC from defending its rights in court.

A couple of months ago the Lawyers for Decommodification LLC (The new American Corporation that now owns the American Burning Man Trademark) blocked Burn BC from defending itself.

They would not allow the directors of Burn BC to submit a defence, suppressing a very lengthy defence I'd put together for the organisation.

(I was hospitalised with a major panic attack from the stress of dealing with this).

The judge gave 30 days for Burn BC to find a lawyer. If Burn BC could have found a lawyer, we have mountains of evidence that could have easily defended Burn BC.

So without a lawyer, the flimsy claims against Burn BC went to default judgement. Without a reasonable defence for Burn BC, the Judge was forced to rule based on weak claims by the plaintiff.

Decommodification LLC didn't just stop at $10,000 plus $25,000, they also wanted the Burn BC website. There's NO need for the website.

The Judge ruled $10,000 damages (based on one sided claims, and no defence), and turning over our Burn BC website to Decommodification LLC. I can't blame the judge, he had limited information, and Burn BC was completely unable to defend itself.

So, it's the end of an era for me.
Burn BC is dead.

I created Burn BC out of love and respect for my community in British Columbia, but shitty territorial assholes killed it.

Time for me to move onto something else I guess.

I'm glad there's some resolution, and I've at least walked away with my integrity and self respect.

~ Napalm Dragon


Little by little the subversive features of the computer were eroded away: Instead of cutting across and so challenging the very idea of subject boundaries, the computer now defined a new subject; instead of changing the emphasis from impersonal curriculum to excited live exploration by students, the computer was now used to reinforce School’s ways. What had started as a subversive instrument of change was neutralized by the system and converted into an instrument of consolidation.

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Here's something I drew last week.
What do you think of when you see it?

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Art on a grand scale
I'd love to be doing this kind of work.

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God Hates Dinosaurs
My son turns 3 at the end of May.
He helped me with this Unboxing Video of +Doc Pop's fabulous Art Project called God Hate Dinosaurs . This shipment of Artistic Propaganda is for The Public Dominions first performance art event in the Vancouver, BC area.

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More brilliant than I was expecting.
A film for film buffs and theatre fans.

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Burning Man is dead, throat cut on the dusty remains of a once great and emergent culture that breathed life into that Corporate Lie.

From 2004-2014, it bled out like a sacrificial lamb, feeding on the good people who so loved each other and donated so much, to community and good will.

Open the door to your heart, and find a new place to let burn the phosphorescence of your soul.

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I just coined a term: Sub-Marketing.
Making it look like something is not marketed when it's completely contrived.

Like this...

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There's an old hippy saying...
"If you're not a Communist by 20, you have no heart. If you're not a Capitalist by 30, you have no brains."

I'll add that...
The more ethical power you have, the more you can empower ethically with it.
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