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Naoto Hc (ntaoo)


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While many features are still missing, finally I have published MyLexicon webapp and the chrome extension.

I wrote both the webapp and the chrome extension with AngularDart(v4.0.0) to share several UI components and the model layer.

The mobile view has not been done (my bad).

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Sass compiling without pub transformer... because,

* I believe Dart package path(package:xxx) in sass file is not recognized by Webstorm yet.
* I got a cryptic sass compile error on my own local AngularDart component package depended on another package, with an existing sass compiling package. I'm lazy to study pub transformer to fix it (my bad).
* I want to watch across several packages so I need to ignore '.pub', 'build', 'packages' paths. Ruby sass doesn't seem to have this option.

Probably I'm wrong, but anyway I'm using it to proceed my private Dart project.

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I would adopt GAE Go, or GAE Python in 2017. I wish Dart app engine gets stable eventually.

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I have been porting angular/material2 for Dart, and the work has done. Waiting for the next ng2 Dart update before the further porting work. I know It will be duplicate work but it is absolutely fine with me. The work was both fun and boring.

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