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Naomi Chapman
In the words of Mr Magorium "Life is an occasion, rise to it"
In the words of Mr Magorium "Life is an occasion, rise to it"

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Viral Christmas Advert and deservedly so.

Bravo +Sainsbury's this is mega! 

#christmasisforsharing   #War   #RoyalBritishLegion  

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Just WOW!

And also, good to see one indoors where the rain can't make it run :)
Amazing work by 3d street art by Leon Keer More at

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Your Paranormal Activity on Social Media

(and why this makes you the victim really.)

See +Haiku Deck ..?
I keep my campaign promises.  Let me know what you think :)

#halloween   #spooktacular   #terrorific   #sm  

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Just created this for a bit of Halloween fun and because I just love +Haiku Deck 
So (as promised guys) here's my little show.

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Erm... Google+ just got CREEPY

I was just nosing through the posts in my stream when a message popped up. So I started reading. Turns out to be one of those "I saw your picture and think you are beautiful" shuddery messages that I have never had on G+!

I thought we were safe from those types of things here and feel a bit creeped out that it's happened.

Has anyone else had that happen to them on here?


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Fabulous design for this but also pretty darn interesting too!
How Links Pass Authority [INFOGRAPHIC] by +Vertical Measures

Links are still the #1 factor in ranking sites in search engines today. Want higher rankings? Earn authoritative links as part of your well rounded SEO campaign. But how exactly are links helping your site and providing you with this ‘authority’ so sought after?

Find out in this infographic
Animated Photo

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Exorcise those Social Media Ghosts

Out of date information..
Posts that are old news and look kinda stale on your page..
Dated industry news posts..

They all add up to what seems to be a social media ghost town haunting a brand's online reputation. 
BUT, so very easily sorted. No ghostbuster needed, unfortunately.

Remember. When someone asks you if you are a god, you say you are a god!

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11 Morning Rituals that can change your life

Looks like I'll be stretching on a trampoline while drinking lemon water then...

#healthyliving   #dailycrushit   #lifetips  

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Crazy VW Advert unlike any I've seen before. 

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Sign me up for this right now!

#playtime   #thinkoutsidethebox  
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