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Material Design in Angular
We've been working with the folks at +Ionic on a set of native +AngularJS UI elements and directives that implement the material design system. This is a complementary effort to the Polymer project's paper elements collection.

We're still in early stages, but if you want to follow along, take a peek at our github repository ( and the demo site (

For more on material design, see the recent post on Google Developers Blog:
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#WTF !!!! This is awesome!!!!!!

When I was watching the keynote I was like "ng-community will not let this stand, and let MaterialDesign be in Polymer only". It is nice to see that ng-team is rocking this. It looks amazing so far. Great job! I will definitely be using this on my next ng-project. 
Why re-implement the components? The polymer components are regular HTML components. Since they're just regular HTML then Angular should be able to use those freely, right?
Hope to see this in angular dart soon
Is there a dark background version of that?
+Kevin Western true bit right now they don't work very well. Polymer's goal so far has been for compatibility across the browsers but not performance. On internet Explorer even version 10 they are pretty bad. 
Thanks for sharing.. this is awesome.
Can anyone please point to documentation on how to use these components..the github page does not seem to have a lot of info.. any help appreciated. :-)
+Kevin Western web-components isn't supported in android browsers pre-kitkat meaning you can't throw a polymer app in Cordova, but the angular implementation should be Cordova compatible
+Kevin Western do you mean polyfill? Polymer itself isn't compatible with anything but recent Chrome and Firefox. At least not without polyfill. 
+Kevin Western on why we're implementing in Angular instead of just re-using what Polymer has... We're hoping the two approaches converge over time, but in the near term there are many Angular apps for which Polymer isn't an option (due to browser dependencies, etc). We work with the Polymer folks and are looking at ways to maximize reuse.
very good,but have not uploadfile
The worst thing about it is that it isn't backwardly compatible. The decision to go with css flexbox for layouts leaves the vast majority of desktop browsers unsupported. That's the downside of a "mobile first" strategy, it usually means ignoring IE.
i want to know that to use material design for angular which files are mandatory or needed to implement in html
i used angular.material.js   and angular-material.css

this 2 are
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