Closed captions, subtitles, and Google Play
A lot of people are asking about subtitle support in Google Play. Although Google Play doesn't tell you whether a movie has captions yet, many of the movies available through Play do have captions.

To find out if a movie has captions, look it up on YouTube. E.g. look under About this Movie to see that Hugo is subtitled in English, here: . You can also search on YouTube for captioned movies (look under 'Advanced' after you search, and filter for closed captions, or add ", cc" to your search anytime) and then purchase and watch them in Google Play.

Only the video owner can provide captions for a movie. We're working with video producers to encourage them to provide them along with the movie -- all of the Walt Disney Studios videos, for example, have captions. And we're working on making captioned videos easier to find with Google Play.

To complain about captions missing from a movie, you can use this form: (You can also use that form to request a refund, if you've already purchased a movie that you're not able to watch.)
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