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Low pricing for LMIA applications by some bogus home based agencies lead to great disappointment and loss of money. Only use reputable agencies.
Almost all Canadian work permits require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), formerly called a Labor Market Opinion (LMO), in order hire a temporary foreign worker.

Our nanny services Toronto Case Study shows the story of Claudia & Steve, parents we helped find a full time live in nanny. When looking for nanny services in Toronto, or any where in Canada, it can be hard to find professional childcare or eldercare. Working with Nannies Inc can help you save time and reduce stress while looking for nanny services. We are a trusted and reliable nanny agency and caregiver agency, so contact us if you need help like in the case study.
For the longest time, my biggest concern of the day was:  who will take care of my kids today?? I was tired of the multiple drop offs to grandparents’ houses, preschools and before school programs.  Trying to beat the traffic home during rush hour to meet the pickup deadlines became yet another stress for my husband and I after a long day of work. It would break my heart when our eldest son of 6 years would have to wait in the school office because we were running late.
Raising a family of 4 kids meant I could only run errands late in the evening after dinner and homework was complete and the kids were put down for bed.  My weekends consisted of allocating one day for grocery shopping and the other day for cleaning and laundry.   I found myself using weekends as a time to catch up as opposed to a time to wind down. On top of all these stresses, my husband works shift work and I have a career that required me to take my work home with me.
As working parents, my husband and I felt we were lacking the quality time with our kids, which we felt we rightfully deserved.  When you dedicate your lives to providing for your family, you don’t deserve to be punished for being a hard worker.   One of us leaving  our job to be a “stay-at-home parent” did not make financial sense – but getting a live-in nanny did.
Finally I decided to call Ronnie at Nannies Inc. for help with sponsoring a nanny through the In-home Caregiver Program.  He was extremely informative and supported me through every step of the process.   Our nanny was the first of 5 nanny candidates we interviewed, and we quickly offered her the job.  Ronnie did such an outstanding job of finding the best match for our family that we were convinced about her ability to love and care for our kids after our first interaction with her.
Within 7 months, our family’s nanny had arrived to Canada and she quickly settled into our home and has now become a part of our family.  The stresses of the past no longer exist.  We feel a weight lifted off our shoulders  as we are confident that our nanny will provide the best possible care for our children in our absence.  It is a great feeling when beds are made, the house is clean and dinner is on the table when we get home from work.  Most of all, having a nanny has created a happier environment in our home, which is more than we could ever ask for.
Written by grateful parents, Claudia and Steve

The Liberal Stance on the temporary foreign worker program
There isn’t much discussion about reforming the temporary foreign worker program.
We hope that the ability of Canadian employers to hire temporary foreign workers will be relaxed. 
Temporary foreign workers help our economy in all sorts of ways.

"Finding the perfect nanny" group is designed for families & nannies to educate and connect with other families & nannies nationwide throughout the United States and Canada. It is a place for families & nannies to discuss and share all aspects. 
All family & nanny need a community network to learn and share.
For security reasons please do not post your email address or phone number. It will be removed. All postings are approved before being published. Join today for free to connect with nannies.

What is a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

An LMIA is a labor market verification process whereby Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) assesses an offer of employment to ensure that the employment of a foreign worker will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labor market.  Employers will be required to provide a variety of information about the position for which they want to hire a foreign worker, including the number of Canadians who applied for the position, the number of Canadians who were interviewed, and detailed explanations for why the Canadian workers considered were not hired.

Choose Wisely
"Gruber Hersch said when she started the association six years ago, she had 35 caregiver agencies in her membership. Today, the number of agencies across the country has shrunk to about one-third of that"
Nannies Inc has not had a single application DENIED.

We are pleased to announce that Claudia is now a part of Nannies Inc and will be heading up the Woodbridge area.
Claudia brings along a great deal of experience in the industry.
Her experience in the industry will be a great asset to us as we move forward with her as part of our management team.

It is the passion of Nannies Inc, the most reliable Nanny Agency to provide the very best Nanny services to help families find the nannies they need

Income tax deductions. Like daycare fees, a portion of your nanny costs are tax deductible. You can deduct $7,000 annually for each child age 6 or under and $4,000 for each child between 7 and 16. The total child care deduction must be taken by the lower-income spouse or partner. Amounts paid for your live-in caregiver’s airfare, interim medical premiums and advertising or agency fees are also deductible up to the maximum allowable amount per child.

Specializing in Nannies and Caregivers
“Serving Canadian families since 2001”

We believe in providing the best nanny service by understanding your family’s needs and matching them with the most suitable candidates. We aim to match families with dedicated, responsible and reliable nannies with the physical and emotional development of your child as our primary concern. We make this possible by building a trusting relationship between the family and the nanny.
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