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Consumer Activism Is Happening

Almost 1/3 of #consumers report changing the way they #engage with #companies or #brands in the wake of the 2016 #election.

Consumer #activists (those who took part in some of the most aggressive attempts to engage or influence brands) make up a total of 21% of the total population and have taken part in one or more of the following activities since the election: Chose a company or brand over another because of its actions or values statements. Stopped buying a brand because of its actions or values statements. Shared actions or values statements from a company or brand with their personal network.

Promote inclusivity, be a brand with purpose, match brand values with consumers, prepare for consumer disruption, monitor the market.

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Make Your Home A Model

Wish your home looked like a #model #house? Check out some of the trends #builders are currently featuring in their model homes to entice #buyers.

1. Quartz Countertops - Although #granite countertops have become the standard in many homes, buyers are showing a greater desire for #quartz countertops.

2. More Windows - Many buyers want to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, and they're turning to extra #windows to get that feel.

3. Wider Plank Flooring - #Hardwood and #tile floors are the most in demand, but buyers are opting for bigger plank widths and larger tiles.

4. Owner's Entries - Model homes are also showing off "drop zones," which serve as places for keys, electronics, and a central command post for automated systems.

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Importance of Artificial Intelligence

#Artificial #intelligence is already disrupting the #marketplace, but implementing AI for technology's sake may run the risk of overstepping what #consumers expect from a #business.

Artificial intelligence doesn't affect my day-to day life: Women 37%, Men 48%, Baby Boomers 39%, Gen Xers 45%, Millennials 49%, Centennials 31%

I wish more of the day-to-day tasks I do were #automated: Millennials 56%, Baby Boomers 28%

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The Goldilocks Mindset

Today's average new #home #size is more than 2,700 square feet, 57% larger than homes built about 40 years ago. However, many #homeowners want a #property that's a different size than the one they're currently in. The more #affluent the homeowner, the smaller the home they want.

60.6% of #Americans are looking to downsize.
46% of #Millennials would like to add more square footage.
26% of Baby Boomers would up-size their homes.
32% of Americans would choose a home the same size as the one they're currently living in.
53% of those earning more than $150,000 a year hope to downsize.
65% of those earning less than $150,000 a year would like a bigger home.

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Does Home Size Equal Success?

One's sense of self can be important in determining many factors. Here's how various groups responded when asked if they believe having a large or #expensive #home is a #sign of #success and #accomplishment.

48% of Males: I don't, but many other people do.
58% of Females: I do and most other people do, too.
56% earning less than $35k: I don't, but many other people do.
56% earning $35k-49k: I don't, but many other people do.
58% earning $50k-74k: I don't, but many other people do.
47% earning more than $75k: I don't, but many other people do.

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Technology Takeover

It's undeniable that #technology has impacted our lives in just about every way possible. From #text #messaging to paying for merchandise with a #smartphone, #consumers have their preferences, and they vary by #generation.

Could not get by without their cell phone/smartphone: Millennials 74%, Xers 63%, Boomers 49%, Matures 41%

Would rather communicate via text message than talking on their cell phone/smartphone: Millennials 72%, Xers 54%, Boomers 31%, Matures 16%

Would like to be able to make payments by scanning their cell phone/smartphone: Millennials 64%, Xers 43%, Boomers 25%, Matures 12%

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Power Of Pets

In 2016, 61% of U.S. #households owned a #pet or planned to own one in the future. Given that, it's important to know how buyers feel about pets in the home. When searching for a #home, 95% of #consumers believe it is important that a #housing #community allow #animals.

Important to be near animal amenities: 54% walking path, 49% animal store, 37% animal grooming, 32% dog park, 22% animal kennel.

Home features clients find important (with regards to pets): 91% fenced yard, 66% laminate flooring, 19% washing station, 11% dog door, 7% cat litter closet, 3% animal pool, 3% built-in dishes and beds.

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Social Good

From concerns surrounding those with #disabilities to those affecting the #gay and #lesbian #community, various #social issues are taking center stage and many people want companies to take a stand on these important issues.

I agree that more companies should take a stand on important social issues: #Millennials 78%, #Xers 72%, #Boomers 68%, #Matures 66%

I wish more companies and brands would stand up for the gay community: Millennials 67%, Xers 58%, Boomers 53%, Matures 50%

I wish more companies and brands would stand up for people with disabilities: Millennials 90%, Xers 88%, Boomers 89%, Matures 91%

I wish more companies and brands would stand up for women: Millennials 87%, Xers 84%, Boomers 84%, Matures 85%

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Lovely remodeled townhome situated in the heart of downtown Ojai, 12 miles inland from Ventura. The home is 902 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Kitchen with new cabinets, counters, faucet and fixtures. Master bathroom with new tile shower surround, sink, cabinet, toilet, mirror and fixtures. Powder room with new pedestal sink and toilet. New carpet, tile flooring and baseboards throughout. Other features include fresh interior paint, new energy efficient windows and sliding glass door. Only steps away from Libbey Park via the Ojai Valley Trail as well as the popular Libbey Bowl featuring the Ojai Music Festival concerts and events. Short walking distance from museums, art galleries, book stores, coffee houses, boutiques and a variety of restaurants and entertainment.

Additional photos at

For more information or a private showing contact us at (800) 758-9586 or visit us at

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Aspirational, But Practical

First-time #millennial #homeowners, those who have owned their #home for five years or less, are aspirational, but practical about #homeownership.

While this group may have aspirational dream homes, they have a realistic approach to their #goals and #budgets when it comes to home buying and #renovating.

85% see homeownership as a good #investment.

90% are very or extremely interested in learning about home repair and home improvement projects.

64% are more likely to live in lower end homes that are aging and in need of fixing up.

50% are unwilling to get a loan to take advantage of a deal.

75% do some degree of DIY in their home.
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