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Nancy White
chocoholic, connector, gramma, consultant, learner
chocoholic, connector, gramma, consultant, learner

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Rock to this...

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My compiled photos from #GFRAS2016 including the graphic recording workshop, my visual artifacts and some local and cultural highlights. 

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Prt 2 of a 4 part set of reflections with our team ...

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Oops, I should have shared it publicly.
A long time ago in a planet far far away, a group of people asked if I could share some of my web meeting tips. I have a lot of tips, most of them learned from many many colleagues from all over, both from watching the masters work and from resources they…

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Great opportunity for my East Coast US Peeps! 

Net-Map Facilitation workshop
Nov 20-21, 2015 – Washington DC

Net-Map is an interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes. It is an innovative approach to achieving results in complex projects where many different interests influence the result. By creating Influence Network Maps, individuals and groups can clarify their own view of a situation, foster discussion, and develop a strategic approach to their networking activities.

Who can participate?

This is an emerging tool that incorporates qualitative data into Social Network Analysis and is increasingly adopted by practitioners in action research, communication strategy, advocacy, political networks, social movements, program implementation, personal development, project management, organization learning, and change management.

What you learn from the workshop - Participants will learn to draw Net-Maps to structure their own thought processes, in one-on-one consultations and in group sessions. They will understand the typical structural issues in influence networks, which will increase their network mapping facilitation skills. Participants will work on case studies from their own work experience. This has the benefit that, while learning the method, they will also develop a concrete networking plan of action for an issue relevant to their work. Also, this will make implementing Net-Map in future work related cases easier.

Dates: Nov 20- 21, time 9 am to 4 pm

Places available: The course will be taught in a group around 25 people with a focus on hands-on learning and peer exchange.

Price: USD 720 for organizations (15% discount for 3 or more participants), USD 620 for Individuals paying on their own,  USD 475 for students

Contact: Amit Nag. (email -, phone - 2026804148)


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For my #projcomm15  students

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Curating resources for this years #ProjComm15  class with the Hague University see
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