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Nancy Olivia Hoffmann
My photos become digital paintings!
My photos become digital paintings!

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Inspiring Studio
I love having my supplies on open shelves where I can enjoy them - piles of fabric, stacks of ribbon spools, colored paper, markers, brushes, printed photos taped to the walls. Even if I am not working, I enjoy being surrounded by it all. Sometimes the mate...

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Celebrate the Gardens of Windham with the Garden Club of Windham CT
The Garden Club of Windham Connecticut is having a social event to "Celebrate the Gardens of Windham." I volunteered to help. Yes, I know. Why did I volunteer? Well, it is for a good cause and what I was requested to do is right up my alley. Besides assisti...

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Life without Mr. B
Every day is a struggle. I try to find solace in my art, but creating is not the same without my number one fan. Mr. B  was such a support and always shared my excitement when I had new work to show him.

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Mr. B's Hibiscus Tree
Mr. B loved to accompany me to purchase plants. Part way through one summer we found a small hibiscus tree at half price. He loved it so we brought it home and it lived the summer on our front walk. Every time we left the house we counted the blossoms on th...

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Dear Friends, It is with a heavy heart I announce the passing of my beloved Mr. B, two days after our fiftieth wedding anniversary. One of the last things he said to me, "My love is eternal." Heartbroken does not even describe how I feel. To forget is vain ...

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Orange and Pink - Butterfly and Flowers
You have to admit, this combination of orange and pink is spectacular! This photo was taken at the Garden on the Bridge in Willimantic, CT. The Garden is planted and maintained by the Garden Club of Windham of which I am proud to be a member.

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The Days Pass
There are so many "must do" things to see about every day. Even the simple things like getting ready for bed require many steps: Check the door locks, Clean the kitchen, Be sure the cat is inside, Pack the travel snack bag, Etc. Then there are always the pl...

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Peony Time!
Peony Time is here! Do you love taking pictures of peonies as much as I do? The photos can be used by themselves or changed and used so many ways. My first peony opened today. This white peony is a picture from my yard last year. I am waiting for this year'...

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Back Yard Daffodils
It has been such a treat to be out taking photographs after being holed up in the house through the long, bitterly cold winter here in Connecticut. These daffodils are in my back yard. I love the intense orange ruffled center with yellow around the center's...

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Tulip Tree
Taking photos in the spring is like being given a fifty pound box of chocolates. You don't know which to choose first. Do I photograph the sun shining through the new growth on the coral bells, or the bluets blooming in the grass? How about the new leaves o...
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