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Nancy K Baumgarten
Writer/Author/Researcher on science of Supersensory Quantum Powers, Intuition, & Self Transformation
Writer/Author/Researcher on science of Supersensory Quantum Powers, Intuition, & Self Transformation

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My presentation to the International Association of Near-Death Studies summer 2016. Very grateful for the experience 

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I was in 12th grade, sitting in an English class on the morning of November 22, 1963 when someone burst in the room with the news that the president of the united States has been shot. On that day, the PROMISE of CAMELOT died. And something died within many of us that day as well as the president. A deep sadness for a vision of an equitable humanity.
I think MANY of us young people at least knew in our hearts that the vision would go undergraound for decades. Even our brilliant young musicians felt it too. For me the SOUNDS of SILENCE by Simon and Garfunkel was an incredible testimony to this generational distress. Our music changed.
It has now been over 50 years. And there is a glimmer of a hope to a return to the VISION of a hopeful positive future is gleaming in our eyes – IF we can just take it!
Please take a moment to enjoy

Bernie Sound Of Silence
A tribute to Bernie Sanders and the song.

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To Western North Carolina survivors of Near-Death experience who "flat-lined" in the hospital:
I want to honor your experience and share with the readership of Mountain Xpress in a soon upcoming article January 2016, in the Wellness section. To help those of our neighbors who don't know where to go, how to fit into their new world of experience.
Total privacy and sensitivity. I spoke at the International Association of Near-death Studies (IANDS) in California last year and am a long time spiritual experiencer myself.
Please contact me as soon as possible, Nancy 828.298.2592 or

THANK YOU THANK YOU..... you generous sharing will aid others on the path. 

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Awaken the Power in the people! JOhn Lennon. ..THe WAR is OVER... IF you want it...

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Wonderful imaging of the theory of the tube TORUS-shaped nature of the universe. Dan Winter used to share this concept with us, Llael when you were young. Thought you might really appreciate this Zach, and all. 

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The consciousness of Trees ... 

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I'm looking forward to hearing from Dr. Sheldrake!

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