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UPDATE: Twitter opens at $45.10.

Twitter is now a public company, and we're at the New York Stock Exchange covering the news live. Join us.


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Stranded Sea Lion Pups Arrive in Northern California

“Malnourished sea lion pups have started arriving in Northern California – by the vanload.

It’s a three-day, two-night trip for the weary mammalian travelers, with overnight stops in San Luis Obispo and Moss Landing. At the end of the road: The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, where the pups will be cared for and returned to health.”

Read more here from +WIRED

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Ack, it's happening. First it was a joke...then someone took it seriously.

Going to California in October!!

I somehow managed to ignore 6 emails from e-zpass about needing to update my info. email fail

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i read about it on twitter before i feel it (ok, i didn't feel it)

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David Cameron considers banning suspected rioters from social media
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