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I'm looking for ideas: what are some of the craziest things in the Universe, astronomically speaking?
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The fact that we still have no idea what 73% of the mass is in our universe is comprised of (dark matter) is pretty crazy imho.
Saturn would float if you would put it in water.
and that 7-11 will soon offer a cup large enough to test that theory.
The theory that the abundance of Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) in the early times of the Universe kept down the chance of intelligent life developing until now.
Oh, my favorite is the rose galaxies that pull on each other.  UGC 1810 and UGC 1813
The hexagon on Saturn's North pole.
Life inside rogue planets in the middle of absolute freaking nowhere
Epimetheus and Janus - the co-orbital moons of Saturn.
Inflation of the very early Universe - faster than light?
Fact of Fiction? How about a Dyson swarm around a magnetar or SBH (supermassive black hole).
+Robbie Campbell: why would you want a Dyson swarm around a black hole? Isn't the point of a Dyson swarm/ring/sphere to collect energy?
+Thiago Macieira I was thinking in sci-fi fantasy terms, use some future tech to use the spin of the black hole like a waterfall to produce a turbine. Or, to get really fictional, sap some of the energy from the space-time vortex, or use the swarm to decode information left in the event horizon and know the past, present, and future all at once. Or maybe the swarm isn't about energy at all, maybe it is a way to "log in" to the event horizon or the mass itself and use all of those particles for information processing. Lots of weird space-time interactions occur at the event horizon and this can be easily exploited in sci-fi literature. 
that we are attempting to comprehend it
Acredito que é o nosso planeta. Há tantas formas de vida aqui que fica impossível imaginar outro assim.
the similar angular diameters of the Moon and the Sun, making total eclipses so beautiful
Also think it's time dilation.
In the Universe, galaxies are my favorite, is the most beautiful Sombrero Galaxi M104.
+Robbie Campbell. All of the words you use have perfectly causal meanings. But the way in which you use them and the
Results you seek are completely and absolutely fantasy land cookoo! Try reading a little of Shannon, Boltzmann, Einstein, Feynman, Godel, Turing, Darwin, Suskind. Limits and what they say about reality really do matter. That in fact, is what defines REALITY. This post askss questions of "the universe", not "the fantasy".
+Randall Lee Reetz I let my mind I said I was thinking in sci fi fantasy terms, not trying to be bound by REALITY. 
I think we need to examine our motives. "Be careful what you wish for". And not because it will happen by wishing it so. The causal universe doesn't respond to fantasy. But because of all of the actual progress we can make when we ignore want and fear and look instead for is.
People don't expect to be called to expose motive. Lets learn to expect it, to demand it. Motive is far more informative than is behavior. We don't have the moral right to keep others in the dark as to our motives. We only hide motive as a means to extract advantage over others.

"...the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all."

--Isaac Asimov
"Insert the final x8 pieces and tighten hex nuts."

- Ikea Furniture bench assembly guid
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