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Nancee Marin
Artist. Performer. Dabbler. Noodler. Writer. Editor. Pet Supernanny. Mad Renaissance woman.
Artist. Performer. Dabbler. Noodler. Writer. Editor. Pet Supernanny. Mad Renaissance woman.

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HELP WANTED! I need someone to sub for me on Sunday, May 14 to play keyboard for an early service in Yucaipa. Yes, it's a PAID gig. I'm attending a seminar that Sunday in Redlands. It's been already paid for. There are also potential future dates for subbing (vacations, etc.). Rehearsal will be right before service. Including the rehearsal, everything runs from around 7:45 to 10:15 AM. We'll coordinate the exact time. There's refreshment/snack time after the service. I'll prepare the music—mostly hymns and one or two contemporary songs. Pretty easy stuff.

If you're interested or know anyone who can help, please message me here on FB or e-mail me at TIA! :D #helpwanted #keyboard #music #redlands #lomalinda #yucaipa #inlandempire #socal

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What Adrenal Fatigue Has Taught Me About Life and the Animal Kingdom

How my bout of adrenal fatigue becomes a year-round gift of health and wellness to people and pets alike, thanks to natural, drug-free, noninvasive modalities. Valuable life lessons we all can learn from my experience. Give yourself and your two- and four-legged loved ones the gift of love this Valentine's Day going forward with this information.

Share the love by sharing this post if you find this useful! :) <3

Note: The blog post will be edited further for info updates, corrections, and clarity.

Apologies for the wonky headings and the spacing despite preformatting and some more formatting on the WordPress editor itself. I'll have to fix them again later.

#pets #petsitter #adrenalfatigue #hormonebalance #health #wellness #naturalhealth #holistichealth #mentalhealth #love #selflove #valentine #spirituality #spiritualalignment #spiritualmindfulness #mindfulness

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Want to go out, have some fun, get some good grub on, and get in good (or better) health this holiday season? Join me and my tribe for the LifeWave Lifestyle Christmas dinner with inventor/founder/CEO David Schmidt in Anaheim on Friday the 16th. Details are on the attached photo.

If you want to have more energy, get pain relief, relief from whatever ails you or drags you down, lose weight (i.e. body fat) and gain muscle, and even improve the wellness of your pets, come on over! :)

FREE registration/admission for guests. Dinner's on me and my team. :) Make sure you register ASAP! Only a few more days left!

#happyholidays #christmas #health #wellness #holistichealth #allcreatures #pets #socal 

Are you struggling with pain or any other health concerns—physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual? Or are you in good health and wanting to maintain or improve your overall well-being? If you're local, please check out our health demo on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7 pm. Please e-mail me at nanceemarin at gmail dot com for address/directions. Feel free to bring some guests with you! The more, the merrier! If we get enough people, we plan to stream a live demo on Facebook so anyone around the world can check it out!

P.S. The modality in the demo can also be used for animals!

#health #wellness #holistic #pets #inlandempire #redlands #riverside #socal #worldwide

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Comma misplacement and nonplacement and a misplaced modifier make for a disastrous love life. #grammarfail

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Do you need a hand (or two) to get your projects done? I'm offering writing and copyediting services for FREE in exchange for testimonials and referrals/leads. I can write a 300 to 500-word blog post and/or edit your website copy, blog posts, articles, and promo materials (brochures, etc.).

I have just a couple of slots available since I'm in the middle of editing and proofreading an e-book for a freelance writer to be released next month on Amazon, so please contact me ONLY if you're ABSOLUTELY 100% SURE that you need your projects done ASAP and that you can commit to them. I can start your work in late October or early November. (I previously got several requests, but none of the inquirers had time to follow through with the projects.) E-mail me at nanceemarin at gmail dot com.

The work we do together will be posted on, my writing, blogging, editing, and language-related website. I need more materials to be posted there ASAP.

Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to work together with you! :)

#writing #blogging #editing #copyediting #freeoffer #barter

NPSR (non-pet sitting-related), albeit still animal-related:

Enjoy this little humor break—the inaugural post of my project involving some of my lifelong passions: writing and language-related activities. I'm still tweaking the website design, so please bear with me.

I'm making yet another life and work transition in pursuit of simple, flexible lifestyle and health improvement, so I'm changing things up to achieve my goal of location and transportation independence a.k.a. digital nomad lifestyle (more like seminomadic lifestyle). I'd love to do international pet/house sitting and be able to explore my interests at the same time, so I want to be able to travel and work anywhere without being restricted to one industry, one local area, one type of work schedule, and one mode of transportation. Focusing only on pet sitting, especially adding pet sitting daily visits, puts a huge damper on that flexibility. It's been my intention since day one to specialize in overnight pet sitting/house sitting and to keep pet sitting as one of my lines of work. Now it's even more reason to keep it that way. That doesn't mean that I'm any less of a pet sitter. My priorities, preferences, and circumstances are quite different from other (or most) full-timers who consider pet sitting as their sole calling in life.

I've decided to go into lines of work involving writing (and any other language-related occupations) and holistic health/wellness that can be done anytime, anywhere on Planet Earth. If I were to focus on solely pet sitting, there's no way I can write, coach people, play some music, fly across the country or overseas, etc. while driving within the 10-mile radius (and racking up tons of mileage, which means plenty of auto wear and tear) and walking dogs eight hours a day, seven days a week—a surefire recipe for burnout. Overnight pet sitting/house sitting allows me to have a home base for other activities and preserve my physical and mental health.

That said, I'm strictly offering cat sitting daily visits to current clients. While I'm still in the area, I continue to serve current and prospective/new overnight pet sitting/house sitting clients, so if you have referrals in that department, please send them my way! :)

Of course, if you or someone you know needs help in writing, blogging, editing, proofreading, translation, or health/wellness, feel free to contact me! I'd especially appreciate job leads in the writing/language department.

#writing #editing #languagegeek #grammargeek #pets #petsitting #petsitter #digitalnomad #telecommuting #health #holistic

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The Kickstarter campaign for the first-ever documentary on the pet sitting industry has officially begun! I'm excited to be part of this project. Get in on the action yourself by contributing to the project and receive goodies! #pets #petindustry #petsitting #petsitter #documentary #kickstarter
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