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Starting out here. Wanting to get into playing the keyboard. What digital keyboard/piano do you guys recommend? Just something for my lessons. 

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Drogba continues to shine.

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Guys, please help me with this. I've hit a wall writing a small application. #flask  #flask-sqlalchemy #sqlalchemy  

Newbie question. I'm grabbing data from an input form and passing it to sqlalchemy to create an object/row. It works but now I want to use an all caps version of the input string as my input into sqlalchemy. I tried but fails. Any help? 

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Is +Google​ starting to make the network providers just data providers? Maybe until such a time that they (Google) can cover the entire planet with their Wi-Fi? Also, do you think that +Google Voice has reached its potential by Google implementing this "phone number in the cloud" that can ring every device on every platform?

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How do Arsenal fans go through this year after year?

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Someone sent me this. Hangouts being dog-food tested by a googler. I expect an update this week since the nexus 6 is shipping out to buyers plus google voice MMS issues have been resolved. I have a feeling chat heads will make its way to mobile. Then again could be some issues clashing with facebook messenger chat heads. The app will behave like messenger if i would guess how the user experience would be....

Every time I get a new voicemail and I tap on it to open, the hangouts app force closes. After I listen to it in gmail or G+, then I can come back to the app, it does not force close. Anyone seen this behavior?

Since the integration, whenever I comment on G+ posts and events, newer comments on those posts/events are sent to my hangouts as a kind of sms from a 201 area code phone number. In the message there's a link back to the original post or event. Anyone else noticed this?

I've tried initiating an SMS (with my Google Voice) conversation with some of my Google contacts from Hangouts in Gmail and in G+. Unfortunately, it seems that I can only do that with my contacts who have email addresses (and phone numbers) as part of their contact information. My contacts (with valid phone numbers) that I do not have email addresses for do not appear when I search for their names in hangouts on desktop. Anyone else experienced this? Do I have a wrong setting somewhere?
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