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If one speaks of Middle Ages or the so-called Dark Age, one has the speak of an increase level of mob violence lead by fundamentalIst or random ignorance of the poor and downtrodden.
There has been mob violence in Ghana that brought me back to a reality of violence. For many years the racist pointed to the so called "Black on Black" crime for political points. Many of us countered with the reality that this was done to hide their own (Euro_am) violent behaviours. And as Octavia Butler hints in Parable series, we may yet to see an increase of "Christian" or for White Natiionalist, "Pagan Roman Creeds," random violence.
This of course, which has been pointed out by The Great James Baldwin and this attach series of The Stone, will have a counter action. Yet we can't leave this to Philosophical debates, the ground is where it needs to go.And all races will have to deal with internal machinations!
It is time that we look very closely at all violence and The Ways To Neutralize a dangerous transition in the evolution of Human. For humans will always be attached to its evolutionary being. Consciousness is what makes the difference.

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We have to believe in free-will. We’ve got no choice
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Or is Consciousness Choice our free-will 

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Still the parent will have upper hand in life. Now when will the killer be made.

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Will the Military abdictate as gone in 1933 Germany? We are truly in a challenge that was forewarned, and as usually, no one could have predicted the manifestations.

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A reality how a false reflection before Obama, Tea Party and Neo_Consciousness then acceleration under Obama. 1978>20 Jan 2017.
Again I place the blame on Euro-American Dystopian Writers and the Cowards and Apathy of Ivory Towers.
Drylongso will win even if painful 

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The Bored and Violent Sons and Daughters of Tragic American Culture in a Selfie World. Similar to youth of 1920 Germany, Hmm
Malcolm X, MLK and Octavia Butler warned The States and Euro-Americans Power. Add Abraham Lincoln: We will defeat ourselves
The Police State should show their videos that quickly.

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Timemark many Pan-Africans use for the racial divide and social hierarchical of today. A circle is closing, w deep pains! Yet no mention of Muslims from Spain 

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This is 2016 and still. We wonder why such violence AND The care of the mentally ill is medieval and cruelty.

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How to Read and Comprehensives are skill of 21st Century Workplace especially as Bot AI grows. 
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