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Googler, Gamer, Go player...
Googler, Gamer, Go player...
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Thank you Kobe Bryant for all these years of great basketball and for inspiring so many people even in other fields (including Engineering). I will always remember you as the fierce competitor with unparalleled work ethics I try to be myself.

So, the divine move "Kami no itte" actually exists and was played in Game 4 of Lee Sedol VS AlphaGo at move 78 by the Korean player according to Gu Li and many other top pros, the sequence that follows was just a pure piece of beauty and Lee Sedol played the rest of the game from there in byo-yomi. More importantly, what a great example of humility, both in defeat and victory ! I am rarely so admirative.

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TL;DR : If you have instagram, please follow go2id and report initialdworld (imposter account).
Guys, I need your help. If you have an Instagram account, follow us on There is an imposter on Instagram pretending to be us (initialdworld) and use our name to sell T-shirt. I have reported them numerous times to Instagram and the T-shirt company to no avail. I need your help to make us more popular than they are on Instagram. Start by following our profile today. Really appreciate it.

#initiald #instagram #ae86 #night #projectd #takumifujiwara

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A rare direct post from me, of course it has to be a rant...
Context : copying files from a MacBook through FTP using FileZilla to my phone (LG G3 with ES File Explorer Remote Manager)
What happened : The microSD card ended up being corrupted (Samsung 32 GB Evo), resulting in the loss of a week worth of the photos taken during a recent family trip.

I am extremely infuriated by the loss of the high-resolution pictures (including a short 4K video), so many memories gone in a blink. I don't know what caused the issue, but the memory card is likely the culprit according to other 1-star reviews on Amazon as others experienced issues with the same memory card after a few months.

On the positive side, I am equally relieved that +Google Photos automatically backed up nearly 600 photos taken during my recent holiday. While I was not using full-size backup (the high-resolution files and the 4K clip cannot be recovered), the backed-up photos and videos are still of very high quality. If anything, the relief when finding out that all those treasured moments with my family were saved cannot simply be described. So huge thanks to my colleagues from +Google Photos.

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Going for the win, always...

Thanks Mark Abell and +Faisal Ramadan for the video !

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There is also an anime, staggeringly named "Romance of Three Kingdoms", but I personally haven't watched it yet.

Ballon d'Or FIFA 2014 : a great way to start 2015.... as a joke !
Messi 2nd ? Seriously people ? (Should have been 3rd or beyond...)

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The powerful must never be immune from mockery. If there is one thing which the past several hundred years have taught us, this is it: power which is not subject to examination, to criticism, to the salutary effects of lèse-majesté, is the greatest factory of tyranny that the world has ever known.

It is particularly ironic that the men who perpetrated today's massacre in Paris were angry over satirical depictions of Muhammad, because in doing so they have forgotten the exact reason why his depiction was forbidden: because the depiction of animals or of people encourages idolatry. [1] Islam has always been profoundly careful to avoid even the slightest suggestion of veneration of anything other than God: even the time for the mid-day prayer begins just after the Sun has passed its zenith, to avoid the appearance of Sun worship. The purpose of the hadith is to prevent people from worshipping the Prophet, not to put the Prophet on a par with God.

No, the reason for this had nothing to do with holy writ, and everything to do with people who want the right to declare that they may not be insulted, that their pride has more value than human life. And any claim which can be enforced with bloodshed is a claim which comes from power -- and thus a claim which itself has no claim on immunity from mockery. Because they demand it must not be spoken, and because they wish to prevent it from being spoken by creating a fear of murder among anyone who speaks out, it must therefore be spoken.

In the spirit of this, here are several of the cartoons which Charlie Hebdo published which brought down this rage. As its cover I present the best possible summary of all: a picture of Muhammad, saying "It's hard to be loved by assholes."


[1] See e.g. Sahih al-Bukhari 3:34:318,
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