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President Donald Trump signs new travel ban, exempts Iraq. It will go into effect on 03/16/17. Current visa or green card holders will be exempt from the ban.
Stay tuned to Nalbandian Law for updates regarding the implementation of the travel ban, as we receive them!

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Anyone who is fleeing to a U.S. port of entry (such as the U.S.-Mexico border) to seek asylum, should beware that DHS is now considering a proposal to separate children from adults at the border and to detain the mothers of the minor children at detention facilities while keeping the minors either with child protective services or releasing them to other relatives in the U.S. This would be a major change in policy if enacted and could separate mothers (and fathers) from their minor children for possibly months until their asylum cases/parole proceedings are adjudicated. Please read and share this post and the article below.

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News Update re: Travel Ban

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today decided not to uphold the Presidential Executive Order relating to the travel ban on 7 predominantly Muslim countries, which means for now, the ban is NOT in effect and applications and petitions by individuals from those 7 countries will be processed as they were prior to the issuance of the executive order, pending a potential appeal by the Trump Administration to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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A federal judge in Washington just issued a temporary restraining order against the Executive Order by the President that resulted in the 90-day travel ban on 7 nations last week and that put a halt to the refugee program for 120 days.

However, while this is good news for those immigrants and non-immigrants traveling on visas from those countries, the Justice Department is attempting to file an emergency appeal and seek a stay of that ruling which means it may not be in place for too long, so use caution still and avoid travel as much as possible if you are affected by the Executive Order.

Also, while not official yet, there is a draft Executive Order being circulated in the media that would add many other countries including Egypt, Lebanon, Southern Philippines and numerous other countries to the ban so please minimize or avoid international travel in the abundance of caution though there is no certainty that the draft will ever be enacted.

Stay tuned for more immigration updates during these rapidly changing times.

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Good News:
DHS officially announced this afternoon that green card holders from the 7 countries are permitted now to travel abroad and will be allowed reentry into the U.S. absent any serious derogatory information.

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The British and Canadian governments have indicated that they have received confirmation from the U.S. government that dual citizens of their countries, regardless of place of birth, will not be banned from entry into the U.S. under the executive order, as long as they do not fly in directly from one of the 7 countries. We will continue to update everyone as we receive additional information to help clarify who is and who is not subject to the executive order/travel ban or who may be subjected to extended secondary inspection upon entry into the U.S.

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