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I'll eat a brownie any time of the day! #recipes   #brownies   #chocolate  
Eggless chocolate brownies with dulce de leche - A recipe from David Lebovitz's fabulous book A Sweet Life in Paris.
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Nice. Another way is to put a tin of condensed milk on a double broiler for around 3-4 hrs. I have a question, have u bought evaporated milk from the store? do u have any idea why it is pinkish.
I haven't but I have seen it being used in local coffee shops in Singapore. Don't think it's pink though. 
you are from kerala right. have u tasted ambalapuzha pal payasam. Its pink too, always wondered how. There is a way to make it at home. I can give u the recipe if u want it for onam. Its a stellar payasam recipe
1 litre milk, 250 gms sugar (u can add more sugar if u want it sweeter), 1 handful of rice (preferably the red crushed rice from kerala -  i use white basmati), 1/4 lt water. Mix all the ingreds and put it on the flame till the milk boils once. Then transfer everything to a bowl and put it in the pressure cooker (not directly in the cooker, but in a vessel and then into the cooker). Leave it on a low flame for one hr with the whistle on. But the flame should be low, so that the cooker actually doesn't whistle. In an hour u will have the famous pink payasam. If u think u want it pinker or more concentrated, leave it on the flame for longer.
This is an amazing recipe as it takes only 5 mins of ur time and the payasam is done on its own. I made it last week and we just lapped it out to the last drop. Happy cooking.
Btw, i am looking for an authentic recipe made of palak and coconut milk. I think its a mal recipe. Do u know of any.
thanks for that. hmmm, can't say i have heard of palak+c.milk in a kerala recipe
nice blog btw, sorry i just happened to see it today, though i've known u for long
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