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Naga Appani

Samsung  - 
Is it tough to choose between these two? Let's see!!
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S6 edge has a very weird rainbow effect with polarized sun glasses on, so it's a no go for me :(
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Naga Appani

Hello, world.  - 
Here's an awesome video by +Armando Ferreira , ROFL!! Apple should seriously think of their product price tags, it makes no sense whatsoever except they make billions of dollars without actually innovating!! And those iSheeps....
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Ok ok ok I'll play the game
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That gorgeous back of the new second generation R8, that's confident and daring. Spellbound! #NewAudiR8 #AudiR8 #WantR8
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Audi Ready For Take Keep D Sky Clean !
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Naga Appani

Discussion  - 
Ok, I hear it!  The author has consistently pitied the android in the whole article while concluding iOS is a threat to Android.

I feel it's just due to the fact that Apple has first time ever launched a big iPhone and a portion of all iOS Fan boys who previously jumped to Android because of the lack of "Big" screens have just jumped back to iOS, and also let's consider its entry in China. Well, it stops here because of the fact, the fun and long-time obsession for a big iPhone is over, it came, and they saw it, felt it. "The end".

What else Apple can do to iPhone? Though accounting for Billions of dollars of profit while selling its phones at very high price, all it does is a catch up to Android/Google. Yeah, Apple's innovation was dead long ago, was dead with the iPod and Original iPhone, may it be hopelessness or fear of loosing, It's all a shame for a company that's famous for being most valuable in the world. 

And, Apple is never a threat to Google. Well, it's just a grain of salt:)

"Sorry for my english, folks! That's the best I could type in my 10 minutes time" 
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+Seif Ghotouk.... lol
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My dear #android mates, here's the best I could do so far to my #iPhone 6. Now, my vision behind #jailbreak is complete:). PS: I own a Moto X second generation too, so am not expecting any advices to buy a droid!! 
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+Tracy Page​​​ iv never ever committed fraud neither have I cheated any company of warranty. S3 was binned. And the nexus series. Has a deliberately relockable bootloader mechanism. They allow custom roms and should you choose to return, you should return to factory settings and relock bootloader. Warranty is not at void. N4 is now being used by my step dad. Currently I'm using a find 7. Oppo the manufacturer actively takes part in custom ROM development. And they release a sister company one plus and sold the one plus one phone with custom ROM cyanogen mod 11s by default. I'm saying should anyone want to do that companies shouldn't prevent their users from installing 3rd party software which voids there warranty. If restored to factory settings and problem persists then its users should be able to return under warranty as problem is a result not of software but hardware. Unless you have tampered with the hardware their should be no reason why you shouldnt be able to return under warranty. I take great pride in my morals and beliefs pls don't disrespect them. And pls don't disrespect my family by doing so you are being the smaller man resorting to disrespecting my family and me.
And correct me if I'm wrong but sorry for living in the UK and not the us. And if you are willing to tell me what ive got so very wrong about us laws I'm willing to listen and keen to learn. So sorry for being too generalised. And the noise thing was about a UK law. My grandmother told me about she watched from a show. And the corrupt zimbabwe government I learned from geography. My moral I present is that everything in this world isnt amazing and there are morals that are borderline some people minds and others may accept the same board line belief. I believe experience will all help us better understand our own morals. All you've shown me is a very functionalistic view of mind. That every law is correct and has no need to be changed. I repeat I don't think ppl should get away with robbery, murder, and among many others but there's so many things which should be made free will and ppl should have guidance to choose. Ppl should have the choice to harm their body and smoke weed as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Ppl can smell solvents as they are only hurting themselves. They should have the ability to kill themselves should they choose too. And I believe some laws are just common sense ie fasten seatbelts. Only drive with a licence and so on. I have reason and shown reason for what I believe in u haven shown me disrespect. I do not wish this upon anyone. Everyone has the right to initially be respected. 
Edit: I would also like to note that I intend to respect your opinions I understand not everyone will agree with me. I respect that. Unless you intend to not respect my explanations or reasoning behind my morals and opinions.
I respect you will have different opinions please just give a little more justification and less of offensive comments. I intend to make the world a better place for everyone children. And for the next generation after that even if its showing a world of respect to ppl one by one. 
Re-edit: would also like to note that I share such passion for removal of voided warranties due to installing 3rd party software because android is open source and I want to keep it that way for the consumers and not just open for the big companies.
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Many Happy Returns to Dave +Foo Fighters , Thanks for the amazing contribution to the real music, and inspiring us... #longliverockandroll  
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Two visits to Marquee in Vegas have completely changed the perception I had about EDM.  When it comes to party hard, I think EDM rules. Yeah, it does!
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Pure Google, Pure Love! And yeah, that beautiful wallpaper.. #LoveMyMotoX
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Are you using a launcher? 
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Naga Appani

Discussion  - 
Ok, let's see who's out there? Please contribute to vote If you see this!
What's your Mobile OS right now?
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Obviously, Android!
Come on, iOS!
I'm trying my best but, Windows!
I'm still alive, BlackBerry
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#Microsoft's HoloLens, #Google's Self-driving cars, future is right here, enough inspiration! Oh wait ! There is #Apple iPhone, Yeah? 
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Funny 😉😉
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While this is super exciting stuff, innovative, and promising, do you guys think it can kill the current smartphone manufacturing trend? Let's put it this way, do you guys think Google will be poised to rule the smartphone world based on modular technology? No, this could be perfect, let's put it this way, Can it attract iSheeps, can it kill iPhone? :)  #Piece   #GoogleARA   #projectara  
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Naga Appani

Mobile Phone HDR or Other  - 
Another great panoramic shot during my wonderful San Diego's trip.. It is very close to Perfection!
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Awesome! Buffalo chicken slices were incredibly amazing, it'll be my regular spot from now on..
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