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Wow pic
Gnarl by Bryce Bradford
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Real time selfie feed
Every selfie posted on Instagram in real time.

Watch it go!

Blame +Mathew Ingram for bringing this to my attention. 
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Cute pic
How can I sleep?

Do you see what he did? He took almost space we have!!

That's too cute!! :)

#CutePic   #Dogs   #Cats  

Don't forget to visit today :)
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Chocolate Is a Plant...

Seems legit to me.. .Bring on the lunch salad chocolate.. :)

#chocolate #salad #foodanddrink  
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New Blogpost : Careless Murder
Just a little effort can save lives...
Being a parent is a constant learning experience. The happiness and joy one feels when one does become a parent is unlike anything else. So is the despair of losing a child. There are natural calamities that one cannot help a...
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Bar made of ice
This is an awesome bar made all out of ice here in Queenstown.  Even the cups are made of ice, and you can smash them when you are done with the drink!
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This pocket sized printer moves its way along the paper as it prints.

How badly do you want it?
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That's cutting edge science bordering science fiction simply wow
1.5 minute video from the Associated Press about printing a new heart.
Doctors and researchers at the University of Louisville are attempting to make a copy of a sick patient's heart by using the person's own fat cells. A 3-D printer would 'print' what scientists are calling a 'bioficial" heart. Using one's own cells is an exciting technology that could extend human lifespan by many decades, just like one's own stem cells can:

2012 Medicine Nobel Prize was given for stem cells research ► Stem Cell Scientists Win Nobel Prize in Medicine. Science papers on stem cells ►

7 brief (<6min) videos on ☻stem cell cures♥:

1. heart repair ►  Heart health: Patient's own stem cells repaired damage
2. grow tracheaFirst Successful Transplant of Trachea Made of Stem Cells
3. paralyzed walksStem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury - Injured Airline Pilot Flies Again
4. blindness curedAdult Stem Cells Cure Blindness
5. grow skin ►  The Skin Gun
6. grow teethregrowing teeth.mpg
7. grow fingers ►  Man regrows severed finger using pig cells

Stem cells can help us to extend human lifespan in optimal physical #health   a lot, and eventually to reach physical   #immortality  ☻ . :)
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This really is amazing. Not sure it's a decade away but will happen.
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