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Nadya Direkova
Staff Designer & Design Evangelist at Google X
Staff Designer & Design Evangelist at Google X

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Diane's Baby Shower
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So proud of my former teammates +Nadya Direkova +Jon Wiley +Jonah Jones +Sian Townsend.  Little details make a huge difference.  Watch them talk about their design endeavors at Google and view/submit your questions for Google designers here:

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A conversation about design
/by +Nadya Direkova  #design   #io14    

At Google I/O this year, we will have sessions and workshops focused on design, geared for designers and developers who are interested in design. We're looking forward to exchanging ideas with you both at the conference and online afterwards. Remember, registration is open until Friday.

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The power of reverse contrast - expertly illustrated by David Jonathan Ross at his "Backasswards" talk about type that's meaningfully and purposefully reversing the weight and stress of letters. +TYPO International Design Talks

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At the Typo Conference today in San Francisco. I've come here for there years in a row, and it's been my favorite industry event: thoughtful, diverse, and intimate. I love the connection to type and print and the wonderful bridges to tech, space design and creativity at large.

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"Tant de forêts," beautiful trailer of a short film based on a poem of Jacques Prévert. The poem speaks of the irony of the fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves.

"Tant de forêts arrachées à la terre
Et massacrées

Tant de forêts sacrifiées pour la pâte à papier
Des milliards de journaux
attirant annuellement l´attention des lecteurs
sur les dangers du déboisement des bois et des forêts"

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Tobias Kinnebrew from Bot n'Dolly gives a great talk on robots & design - with a cute robot by his side :)

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Marimekko patterns make us happy :). But how? 
"The secret of Marimekko" video:
Secret of Marimekko

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What's a Google Design Sprint? A short video from Google Ventures provides a great example:
CustomMade design sprint with Google Ventures Design Studio

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If you are going to Asia and care about design: GoVoayagin is an amazing way to connect to local guides to galleries or teachers of amazing things like sumi-e, calligraphy, manga and ikebana. I took multiple classes a day while in Tokyo, it really made my stay.
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