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Nadine Hack
CEO beCause Global Consulting | | bringing causes to life
CEO beCause Global Consulting | | bringing causes to life

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Decades after our May 18 wedding, cherishing more than ever being married to Jerry! Harry Belafonte joking "this is your last chance to say no" before he signs as witness on our marriage certificate! 

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Important info from +UNESCO on international literacy prize
UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2017 now open for applications & nominations. Learn more: #LiteracyDay #Literacy #Education

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+Jo Ann Freeboom helps people stay connected!
First garden Party - Take part in our Circle Share ? Here you go :
We share once a week, on Sunday, and we send notifications twice, Sunday and Wednesday. So that you don't forget.
Forget what ? Well, to share this post - that's mostly what it's about ;)
Meaning, the Circle Share is a post, which includes links to each sharer's profile. It should also be (re)shared on every member's profile - not just inside a community - once a week.
But hey - you can share it at other places as well !

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I welcome thoughts on how this race metaphor may help you achieve your goals. Click to comment on blog site.

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10 years later, as proud as ever that we were early Obama supporters: 3 generations of our family - kids & grandkids - campaigned for him!

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Privileged to work w/extraordinary leaders in UEFA Women's in Football Leadership & will value their friendship forever!

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Extraordinary video on why it's important to have civil dialogue with those who are different than you! Absolutely worth 4-min watch! 

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Brilliant friend Colette Phillips lays out challenge/opportunity!

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Great piece by +Brian Rashid re myriad benefits of CSR.

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1-min of my presentation at EMG Nexus Dialogue supporting 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development in Geneva
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