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Nadia and Nick Stokes
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Owners Gourmet Goat


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Out they come....mouthwatering Sheftalia #byproduct of a #byproduct @boroughmarket wed to sat. #trysomethingnew
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There were 6 on the tray and the little one said..........
Sheftalia - Cypriot sausage made from kid goat mince, kidney, heart, liver, herbs and spices. It is wrapped in lamb caul which melts when cooked.
#byproduct of a #byproduct
Most ethical sausage ever?
#meat #sausage
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Kid goat meat salami.

This is made using kid goat meat mince, fennel and white pepper. We have to use pork fat as kid goat is very lean.

We sell at Borough Market, London and #selfridges

#salami #charcuterie
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Thank you for the mention of +Gourmet Goat +Londonist

Can't wait for the summer, got some serious kid goat souvlaki on the way

#souvlaki #yum
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Kid goat meat kofta in Greek pita

This is our best seller at borough market. The kofta is made with mince, potato, red onion, mint and seasoning.

The Greek pita is imported from Greece and warned on the grill so it is light and fluffy. A layer of homemade fresh chilli salsa is spread on the pita first followed. by our own tzatziiki. Then the kofta and finally organic lemon juice and fresh mint and parsley.

In #london then you must come and try.

#food #yummy
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It's been quite a while since I could post on G+ . A lot has happened, but the main think has been quitting my job in the city and starting a business doing street food with kid goat as the core ingredient. We have been trading at borough market in London for 18 months and have recently opened a permanent spot. +Gourmet Goat for more details. Happy to welcome any UK based / London based pluses to the stall

#streetfood #london #startup
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The great thing about +Nick Stokes being on this show is that I get to taste the food and drink the wine! Hope it goes well tonight +Azlin Bloor and +Larry Fournillier 
Simply Singapore is a collaboration between +Larry Fournillier   and  +Azlin Bloor  
Singapore food is a wonderful mix of cuisines that reflects its multicultural population: Malay, Indian, Chinese, Eurasian and that's just for starters!

Come and tantalise your taste buds with Larry and me in my kitchen as we explore the delicious wonder that is Singaporean Cuisine!

I'll be cooking Chicken Kapitan, a rich and aromatic Chicken Curry that belongs to the Peranakans, a unique ethnic group in Singapore and Malaysia.
This is one of my favourite curries, reminiscent of the Thai Massaman and the Indian Korma and comes with a tale or two explaining its beginnings.

Link to the recipe:
Crispy Fried Shallots:

Join us on Sunday, the 11th of May for a Sweet, Spicy and Sexy time!

#hoa   #hangoutsonair   #simplysing   #azlinbloor   #larryfournillier  
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Sweet custard tart - East Med style.

"This recipe follows on from my Greek style greens pie. I used George Colombaris (Australian Masterchef judge) sweet pie recipe with some minor adaptations to make it simpler.  Making filo pastry was hugely satisfying and well worth the effort, the difference in taste is significant...."

Read more and recipe -

Pin it for later -

#recipeoftheday   #dessert   #pastry   #eastmedfood   #sundaysupper  
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Looking forward to watching the +foodies+ show tomorrow with +Azlin Bloor. My Husband is on the panel! He made this great dish last night and choose some excellent wines to go with it which he will tell you about on the show.
Foodies+ - home of great food and wacky conversation!
Join us for the second episode in this fabulous series.

8pm GMT
3pm EST
12 noon PST
10pm Romania
11pm Moscow
3am Singapore
4am Japan
5am Sydney

+Azlin Bloor will be cooking up another one of her signature dishes, Chilli Butter Scallops
Recipe link:

Joining her on the night will be

+Michel REIBEL of +Cuisine et Cigares, the Frenchman with the Aussie accent who cooks great food & smokes fine cigars.

+John Nelson, biker at large living it up in Spain, who is also a deft hand in the kitchen.

+Christin Richter, the lady with the curlers who makes some mean magic in her kitchen, always with her curlers on! 

+Joy Stewart from California, formerly in the catering business, another great cook!

+Nick Stokes  former Physics teacher, now a wine expert, having completed the Wine Society and Education Trust (WSET) level 2 exam. Taking a hiatus from that as he looks after his 9 month old daughter. Nick's wife, Nadia is a mean cook.

+Paul Gorsuch extraordinarily talented behind the camera, has his own video production company, with a whole lot of experience at organising live shows on the ground.

+Nikolaos Bogioglou IT Ninja, Web Marketing Professional. Food fanatic - grows chilli peppers in the backyard. About to kickstart an e-magazine in the Balkans (it will involve lots of food!). Nik is in Greece.

+Odysseus Bogioglou Nik's brother, gorgeous, just like his brother! Ody is a Cook & Food Photographer who wows us with some fabulous creations!

Plus My Reach is providing the data on our show, giving us a bird's eye view of total engagement.
For more information:

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Greek style greens pie , Hortopita – Greek mixed bitter greens with spinach, kale, herbs and feta pie

"School dinners. I never had them, but my husband did and they sounded pretty revolting. It also goes some way to explain his odd, in my view, desire to smother a perfectly good ingredient with baked beans and cheese.   I don’t care for baked beans and they are a banned item in my our kitchen.  I do understand that school dinners are a source of strong food memories and associations and so certain foods will always have a part to play, I suppose.  I don’t think I will ever tolerate eating baked beans but I will turn a blind eye to my husband eating them...."

Read more and recipe -

Pin For Later -

#vegetarian   #recipeideas   #recipeoftheday   #greekrecipes   #pie   #eastmedfood  
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