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My latest blog post.
It's been a big year of changes and some dark moments of recognising my inner demons.
Hippy isn't easy, as much as it looks like it, from a space of 'know it all ness' to a place of listening to nature... It's a blessing everyday to be IN the moment and to be a part of this life's journey.
This last year has been a huge one of learning, trying, trialing, failing (forward) and realising that nothing changes unless I make a damn commitment to doing the daily disciplines. I've realised I CANNOT *pay someone* to make the changes to me, for me, on me… I've used money that way for years ...

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Some of you know that I'm doing the social media and the food photos for Roxby Bakery. I put some of the shots in to be voted on at @GuruShots and it's coming along amazingly well.
Feeling chuffed and at the same time.. hungry!! this food looks so good!
I achieved ELITE LEVEL in the Foodie live photo challenge on GuruShots. Check out my photos!

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Great resource about cooking oils

Nadene Murray

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Wow!!! The beauty of our world... +Sonya Murray +Ardash Muradian 
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+Nadene Murray have so much wonderful scenery out there....will look forward to more... :-)

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Unlocking the full potential of girls and women wouldn’t just transform their own lives, or even their families’ - it could help end extreme poverty.

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Where we live... such a great way to see it!

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Feel that shift... ahhhh
Close your eyes, open your palms, relax your body and allow the stress or whatever it is that you’ve accumulated throughout the course of your day to dissolve.

#panachedesai   #soulsignature   #breathe   #perceptions
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Got 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out on separate occasions and was pleasantly surprised. So well looked after.
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BEST Risotto ever. I was astounded. The service was lovely and enjoyable. The atmosphere was nice and bright - bubbly atmosphere. I initially thought the menu was a bit over the top - but will most certainly be taking friends here. It was amazing food! Went here with a group of girls from work for lunch. It was worth the walk from work and most certainly worth the price.
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reviewed 5 years ago
2 reviews