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I'm working on session prep and wondering how to spice up journeys. I want to do something like D&D's random encounters, but the tone and feel of Ryuutama is giving me some difficulties in creating fitting encounters.
Anyone done something similar and willing to share?

Also, anyone got examples of odd jobs they've given their players?

Signal boost to the right places greatly appreciated.

I have an acquaintance who is a futurist and a good one at that. He saw that Hasbro are looking for a futurist to fill a position in their ranks and sent in his CV, but is also trying to see if anyone anywhere can get a good word in for him.
I know some in our community are connected to some higher ups in WOTC, which might lead into Hasbro itself?
In short, if we could get a good word in about him, parallel to him having sent his CV in, that would be fantastic and greatly appreciated.

Think you can help? Contact me. Think you know someone who could? Boost my signal please.

Thanks a bunch in advance :)
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+Dyson Logos
I'm looking at Goblin Gully and wondering some things that will probably be best answered with an actual play. Know of one handy? Got one handy of one time you ran it?

Thanks in advance :)
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An interest!

First, some context: in Israel, Kosher laws are relatively strictly kept nation-wide. Part of those laws is the separation of meat and dairy. A specific grey area is fish, which are considered neither meat nor dairy.
This in mind, there arises a frustrating term and label - people growing up not associating fish as meat and thus concurring that being a vegetarian does not exclude fish. I am not aware of many people who consider themselves vegetarian and still eat fish, but there are very frequent instances of vegetarians being offered fish as the vegetarian option.

So now we get to the meat of the post, even if the majority of words was above: is this a thing around where you live? Not necessarily rooted in the same concepts, just that fish is somehow obviously a part of a vegetarian's menu. If yes, where is it coming from in your area, to the best of your knowledge?

Thanks in advance for any responses :)
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Quick D&D 5e rules question: what happens if by some manner of chance you get multiple advantages to one roll? Are extra ones ignored? Translated to some other bonus?
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New G+ UI:
Does the "x new posts" button only go up to 9?
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Backs up to right after the Goblin Ambush, to the Goblin Trail (which is 5 miles long)
"Snare. About 10 minutes after heading down the trail,..."
"Pit. Another 10 minutes down the trail is a pit the goblins have camouflaged."

What, seriously? 2 traps along a 5 mile trail through the woods? As made by goblins? They'd have shitty traps, but they would also have ALL THE TRAPS. I'm actually planning to run this module as close to RAW as possible, but this has to change.

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Gets to area 7 in Cragmaw Hideout
"The noise of the waterfall means that the creatures in area 8 can't hear any fighting that takes place here, and vice versa."

There is some clear underestimation of the amount of noise a fight generates and an overestimation of the amount of noise a waterfall generates (particularly when it's on the other side of the room than the wide passage to area 8). This is not good design.

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Ooooo! The new UI opens a "read more" (now "...") by clicking anywhere on the text and closes it the same way! I like this, actually!
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Has returned to reading the Starter Set
Gets to Cragmaw Hideout
"...the (2) goblins in area 2 notice and attack them through
the thicket..."

NO. Just no. What even? This is not how goblins would act! I understand that this needs to be a simple encounter and all, but this makes no gods-damned sense.
This will need to change.

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