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Twitter is down. I am coming here instead.
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Sure, tell us we are your second choice :P
Welcome. Google+ is a great platform for intelligent engagement
It's better here.. Welcome NPR FRESH AIR.... more fun, more opinions, just more..
We're all here. Search "twitter down" and watch the posts fly!
PS - things don't fail at 140 keystrokes. You can say more. Like - thanks for the pointers to the older Doc Watson recordings. I'm enjoying the in studio recording from 1989 right now.
Twitter, smitter... It does serve it's purpose but know that there are some pretty uniquely cool things happening on G+ too.  Did you post the same on FB?  (I'm just curious...)
I don't think +NPR Fresh Air  has a FB... they did post it to their Tumblr feed though...
Agreed - this is where you'll find the diehard science freaks and geeks! 
I guess Twitter is back up. But the English language did enjoy the break. You can now resume butchering it. 
Forget twitter and stay here.
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