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Here's something you won't hear from the rival campaigns of President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney: Despite their obvious differences, they actually have a lot in common. A dozen things, at least....
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Chris B
They're almost exactly the same. The few, small issues they disagree on aren't important compared to the troubles this country is facing right now. They're both part of the status quo and are bought and paid for by lobbyists.
This is a really lame piece, NPR. Instead of looking at how both candidates are pretty much the same on the issues (big gummint, war-mongering corporatists), you focused on trivialities. :(
This is what Ron Paul has been saying for a very long time. There simply aren't enough substantial differences between Obama's positions on an issue, and at least one of Romney's current (or former) positions on an issue to justify bothering to put Romney up against Obama.

Why bother with more of the same?
+Todd Slater has NPR done much substantive analysis of the candidates running for President (currently 4 remain counting Johnson) at all in this entire primary season?
I think their positions on women's rights and women's health are more than "substantial differences." I don't know how any self- respecting woman could vote for Romney.
As far off the deep end of the right as the GOP has gone, the Dems have moved right as well, if not as far. There are times when Obama sounds like a moderate Republican rather than a Democrat; he speaks liberal well, but certainly hasn't governed like one. We really do need to shake up the system and let some third-parties have a shot. The choices we have now? Not so good.
To tell the truth, +Jason Robinson, I don't catch many NPR stories here and I don't listen as much now that the radio in my car is broken.
Husnain, the biggest issue for this election will be voter turnout. We need to start allowing the vote over more time. Having everyone voting in the middle of the day in the middle of the week is much harder on the working class and people with young children.
+Toby Fife I don't see how any self-respecting woman (or man) could vote for either of them.

Of course, Romney doesn't have the nomination nailed down yet - and even if gets it, there's still Gary Johnson.
So it is a non-choice and yet NPR and the like insist on ignoring the one option that remains in the Republican primary process - even though the one option has attracted nearly 100,000 passionate attendees at numerous rallies over the past few months. Exactly what does NPR need to recognize news when it happens? [A cute sound effect at the start of the news is what does it for NPR. Yes?]
+s.bradford colson Paul is at least correct about the limited powers of the federal government. Either way, there's still +Gary Johnson - and Romney and Obama are still not respectable choices.
s. Bradford.....You are so right. Thanks. This was a busy Friday so I needed a good wind down. The bottom line is Federal Government is owned and operated by BIG business. I am going to change all that. If you would like to help email me at
Presidents are to government as news media are to events. You can choose the face, the spin, whatever suits your personal level of comfort, but the government operates as it does, just as the events happened as they did. Whether it is the raving talking head or the box with the moving pictures or even a certain radio news syndication all of us rantish pseudo-intellectuals hold in some esteem, one cannot undo the tragedies simply by changing the channel.
Better yet, vote by mail. That's one thing Oklahoma doesn't have that I miss about Oregon.
+Michael Covel I generally agree and appreciate your analogy. Same circus, different clowns. Although it is difficult for a single point source to change the course of a relatively large object in motion, it can be done with determination and force, and once the direction is changed it is perhaps more difficult to right the course, especially if the large object contains within it many point forces bent on operating in opposing directions. One candidate seems more likely to flaunt the system of checks and balances, and more determined to drastically change the course.
+s.bradford colson I'm not sure what you mean when you say Johnson supports only limited reproduction rights. Are you upset that he doesn't support the right of parents to abort their children up to the age of 18?

As for the courts - they've made good calls and they've also made obviously bad calls (like Kelo), and many scholars across the political spectrum agree that Roe v. Wade is one of the latter - the matter is simply beyond the purview of the Federal government.
I prefer Coke over Pepsi myself. Pepsi is just too sweet sometimes. Then again, when I get tired of Coke I like Pepsi for a change. But with freedom comes responsibility so I am a Coke guy for sure on election day. I think.
People can't vote for a Crown so its not on the menu...I mean...ballot ;)
Both candidates are best defined in the negative. Romney's best pitch is that he's not Obama. Obama's best pitch is that he's not Bush. Romney better hope that nobody ever asks him how his policies differ from Bush's.
+s.bradford colson OK, I found this on +Gary Johnson 's website: "A woman should be allowed to make her own decisions during pregnancy until the point of viability of a fetus." Sounds like he's against late-term abortions, then, which seems pretty sensible to me. It's also the view of almost everyone who calls themself pro-choice, except for a few extremists.
You know, people also said this about the 2000 election (it was also the subject of a Rage Against the Machine video) But I really think the world would have been a different place if Gore had won.
Ron Paul or Gary Johnson else your vote is more of the same...
+s.bradford colson When have you ever heard of Paul "falling in line" with the GOP party leadership? He is reviled by GOP insiders precisely because he ignores all attempts to make him vote the party line.... and has for 30+ years.
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