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Far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen could determine who wins the May 6 runoff. She finished a surprisingly strong third on Sunday. If Sarkozy can't appeal to enough of her supporters, he ...
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Hopefully, this will give undecided voters to Hollande and Melenchon.
+Michelle Winther : Most people I know didn't vote for Le Pen, and agree that both Sarkozy and Hollande are terrible, but they voted for Sarkozy/Hollande anyway because they felt like the others didn't have any chance of winning. And most polls didn't think Le Pen had any chance, which is why everyone is so surprised...
How do you think this will influence the next election? I believe that Hollande will get it, especially if Sarkozy aligns with LE Pen (They are f*cking insane.)
From what I can gather, there's a quite strong denial of Sarkozy's decisions in the last few years, so I also believe Hollande will be elected. But I might be wrong. Most likely, Le Pen's followers will vote for Sarkozy, but they are not the majority (Le Pen + Sarkozy is roughly 45%).

+martin vidberg's cartoon for +Le, one of our biggest newspapers, summarizes the situation well :
(Caption reads : "It's amazing how last week's debates and ideas went away so quickly")

What will probably happen is :
- Mélanchon told his followers to vote for Hollande. That's about 11%.
- Hollande : About 29%
- Joly, Poutou and Arthaud will probably vote Hollande as well : About 4% for the 3 of them

- Sarkozy : About 27%
- Le Pen's followers will most probably vote Sarkozy : About 18%

So, at this point, both sides come to roughly 45% each. I'm not counting Cheminade, as he doesn't really matter (0.2%).

This leaves +François Bayrou's and followers, about 10%, which may vote for either side, as he's a centrist. I voted for him, and I just hope that most will vote Hollande, because, as I said, there's a denial of Sarkozy's decisions. Oh, and also, I didn't take into account the abstention rate, which might change things a lot.

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