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Temporary work was once considered a leading indicator for the job market — a harbinger of improved prospects for people seeking permanent positions. But in this recovery, staffing agencies say fewer employers are taking temps onboard as permanent workers.
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As a business employer in small Canadian town, I'm finding the exact opposite situation. Most workers are looking for permanent part/flex time positions. I'm filling full time positions by a combination with several part time workers as well as freelancers who work from home.
Where is the supporting evidence for either of these statements? mean to link to a story here? Because there isn't one.
Because corporations are having a banquet in this tough job market.

Employers know things are rough out there so they have tipped the balance all the way in their favor.Why hire more people when they can squeeze more output of of their current employees?

And if you're employed right now and you didn't get that raise you needed or you're not being treated fairly, take a hike.Someone out there's is sweating for your job.

And companies don't want to pay any benefits either do they.

Corporations are kissing their lucky stars right now when it comes to the pool
of available help.
+Moira Russell yes, we did - I was testing HootSuite for managing this feed, and apparently it has some challenges.  Just added the story. / Kate
My husband once quit a job the day they handed him a name tag with the title "Permanent Temporary Employee".
More temps means more people will need access to their own health care policies. 
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