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Do you have any links to the past that make history seem less distant?
There are people who live long enough to create a link — a one-generation link — to figures from what feels like a distant past. And their presence among us shrinks history.
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While researching his family tree, my spouse found out paternal Quaker relatives sold land at a loss to rush into Kansas to ensure it was a "free" state. A maternal relative is named Lee in honor of a certain Southern hero. Blew. Our. Minds!
my uncle fought in WWII and my grandfather in WWI my great-great gandfather fought in the Civil war.
Six degrees. Cool stuff.
I remember Boney M singing a song about him and seeing a movie about the Nicholas and Alexander dynasty, and he knew that war as not the answer. Gerard Depardieu also played Rasputin in a French-speaking movie. Rasputin was weird, but he was a seer and could predict events before they happened..
My great grandmother was on the Titanic. This history seems all too close being 100th anniversary this April. I will be the same age as my great grandmother was when she sailed.
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